Why You Need a Media Kit

Hello, hello friends! I know that it has been insanely chaotic lately and my heart is with all of you, wherever in the world you are. Please stay healthy and practice responsible measures to prevent spreading or contracting illnesses during this time! I encourage you all to stay informed and, again, be responsible not only to keep yourself safe but to keep others safe and healthy as well. For more information, please read more here: Coronavirus Disease 2019 by the CDC. Alright. Now that we’ve got all of that out of the way, let’s talk about why you need a media kit (lol). 

Today, I’m spillin’ the beans about the magic of media kits. These are amazing tools to use to showcase your work, rates, demographic and analytics to prospective collaborative partners like brands and companies. I didn’t have a media kit for a while when I first began my blog. However, after a few months, I realized I needed something to suffice as my “resume” to brands to show them what I bring to the table. After implementing my media kit into e-mail pitches and uploading it onto collaboration network websites, I saw a drastic increase in paid, professional partnerships. So, friends, I’m here to talk you into building your own [or, shameless plug, hiring me to design one for you]! 

What is a Media Kit? 

Media kits are essentially a resume of what you bring to the table as a creator. There are various names that you can call this resume, but if you’re a creator, when someone asks for your media kit, this is probably what they’re referring to. 

I talk all about media kits in my latest podcast episode. I’ve linked it here for you guys if you want to check that out after reading this post. 

The critical ingredients of a media kit are: 

  • Your name and your main contact information [phone number*, e-mail address, website address, and shipping address*] 
  • Your mission statement
  • A short description of your brand and what you do
  • Your social media accounts
  • Relevant, current analytics [such as follower count, monthly page views, subscribers or engagement rate]
  • Examples of your work [photos, content creation, links to your best work]
  • Examples of past partnerships [can be changed depending on who you’re pitching to]

*For safety reasons, do not add these elements to media kits uploaded on the Internet with public access. Save these for when you talk to the brand directly. 

Nice to include, but not required: 

  • Hyperlinks to all accounts, e-mails, and phone numbers [most brands are viewing your kits online, so include a hyperlink within the PDF file] 
  • A photo of yourself
  • What types of content creation you do / descriptions of each
    • Photography
    • Copywriting
    • Graphic Design

Do not include: 

  • Your rates [create a separate rate sheet that you send upon request] 
  • Brand work that you are not proud of or is less than your best
    • You don’t have to include everything! Just include your best work. Just like a portfolio!
  • Things you can’t do 
  • Inaccurate, outdated analytics 

How do I Create One? 

Creating a media kit can be time consuming, but not impossible to do yourself, even if you don’t have any experience with graphic design! Intuitive design platforms like Canva have templates for you to choose from and are extremely user-friendly. I’d recommend investing in a premium account (for $12.95) per month to create various graphics including your media kit, logos, Instagram Stories or presentations [plus so much more]. Canva is a lifesaver and I’ll advocate for their brand as long as I can. This is the hill I die on! Okay, dramatic, but still. True.

Purchase a Media Kit Pre-Made Design

There are a ton of sellers who offer pre-made media kits for anywhere from $5 online. Great vendors are located on Etsy and Creative Market. However, I do caution you all to buy these if you absolutely can not hire someone to create a custom kit for you or create a custom kit yourself. That way, you are able to stand out from other creators and you can alter the kit to completely represent you and your unique brand. 

Hiring A Designer for Your Media Kit

If you’re not confident in your design abilities or just don’t have the time/energy to play around with building your own media kit, you can hire a designer to help you. I offer custom media kits with reduced lifetime updates. We can work together to create a beautiful media kit that truly embodies you, your values, and your messaging. This will ensure all of your branding is streamlined across all platforms and perfectly represents you to potential partners. 

Here’s the process for getting a media kit within 3 business days: 

  1. Inquire about design through this online form or by sending me (Jade) an e-mail at jade@jadeoftrades.com
  2. Receive Customer Welcome Packet from me, as well as a link to a comprehensive questionnaire that collects all information included on the media kit
  3. Review product proofs from me and work with me to create your dream media kit
  4. Receive a high quality final product in PDF and PNG forms
  5. Need to update your analytics? No problem. You can update your media kit once every three months for FREE or pay anytime for a $15 update on any part of the kit (even a full re-design, if you want). 

Here are some media kits I have designed! 

Using Your Media Kit

Once you’ve got a media kit, your pitching process is nearly done! A media kit is an amazing, professional way to convey who you are and what you’re about to potential partners. I now always attach an updated media kit to all pitch e-mails [when I do pitch, I do not do so as often anymore]. Brands are always impressed with this small attachment. I think it is because media kits add to your credibility and professionalism, which is always nice when a company is investing money in you! Remember, this is a business transaction; any material to help land the sale and work with your dream collaborative partners is welcomed. 

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