Where I’ve Been // Life Update

I’m sitting down to write this at my new desk, in my new office, in my new apartment, in a new state. Everything feels so… new. It’s odd, isn’t it? How moving somewhere new just feels like a completely different chapter of your life, because it is? It’s weird to see Austen here, living a space we share. It’s weird to see our dog follow us from room to room. My life looks so different than it did 6 months ago. Actually, barely 6 days ago. It’s all new, and it’s all different. 

And, in this new chapter of life, I do welcome so many other changes as well. Not only will I be starting law school in a few weeks, but I really do want to put more time, effort and energy into building my blog. I have been extremely consistent since beginning, posting at least 3 times a week (apart from the last week and a half, during the moving process). You’ll start to see a bit of a shift in my content, though, as I become more strategic about my content batching and planning routine. 

Being in St. Petersburg / Gulfport, I do really want to start building embedded connections within the blogging and creator community here. I would love for you to see more local connections to my work, as I begin to really engrain myself into this community that I will be with for a minimum of three years (if not more). 

In addition, I would love to start posting more of my writing to this platform — I’ve found that I’ve gotten into the habit of reviewing with more colloquial tendencies, migrating away from my love for creative writing. Once or twice a week, I’d love to just write like… me. Unconcerned with SEO readability, keywords, etc. etc. Just Jade.

With that being said, I am also starting to work to monetize my skillset and become available for hire for social media management, strategic communication consultations and creator coaching (yay!). This is something Austen and I have wanted to take on together, so we will be venturing more into the business realm and start building that from the ground up, too. 

Being in this space has allowed me to feel a more organized, clear and grounded about my goals and aspirations. I feel extremely inspired; in fact, at night it’s sometimes hard for me to sleep because I’m so anxiously dreaming up ideas that I just want to work on right away. Video and blog post ideas are coming to me in droves, and I feel just… so excited. I finally feel like I have a place where I can consistently create and build my blog to what I know it can be. 

So, with that being said, I am sorry for my absence for the past two weeks. I apologize, but I hope that in the long run, it’ll make my content that much better. I’m back and feeling better than ever.

Jade Nicole

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