The Oxymoron Year: 2019

Whew *brushes hair back, out of face.* That was one wild ride. 2019, I mean (smooth, right?). This past year was the craziest, greatest, worst, hardest, most fulfilling year of my life. 2019 — the Oxymoron Year! I felt as if I had some of my highest highs and absolute lowest lows this past year. I graduated with my master’s degree, said goodbye to Arizona (and all of my wonderful friends within it), moved across the country with the love of my life, adopted my dream pup gal, and started law school. It was AMAZING, all things considered. Amazing things happened, and I felt my life move forward in the most abrupt way possible. But change is hard for me, and the adjustments were… not perfect. In many ways, I felt my world shake over and over again and I just now feel as if I’m finally (finally) recovering. 

In 2019, I took a whole ‘lotta risks. The year began with so much uncertainty, followed by a lot of failure. I received my first LSAT score back from the association, only to be severely disappointed by the triple digit number. My first admissions rolled in on the week I took my second LSAT, complete with full scholarships and honors program admissions. However, other schools sent rejections (read about that difficult time in my life here). That pattern of highs and lows continued until I traveled to Chicago for an honors interview, scored the scholarship/position, but did not think the school and the city were the right fit for me. There was so much confusion at the beginning of this year; it was heavy and frustrating, yet highly caffeinated and wonderfully intense.

Beginning My Blog

In February, after all of my applications were submitted and I finally felt a bit of calmness fall over my life (for just a short time), I craved the freedom of art. I craved the ability to write in a way that was not restricted by law school applications and admissions exams. So, I started this very blog. This blog has given me such intense pride and joy this past year; it has truly become an outlet for creativity, freedom, and vulnerability throughout this time of my life. I am truly grateful for the evolution of this lil’ project of mine. It truly filled a void in my life that I desperately needed, and for that, I am so thankful. I could have never imagined that, by the end of this last year, I’d be working with brands like Kleenex, Olay and Skittles. Like what?! 

My Plans for this Blog in 2020

In 2020, you will definitely see a great shift from me when it comes to content, scheduling, frequency, etc. Last year, it became all to evident to me that I had spread myself way, WAY too thin to blog (nearly full time) and attend law school at once. Toward the end of the year, I was truly burnt out and could not keep up with contractual obligations I had with brands; in the end, I suffered many sleepless nights or skipped readings just to ensure my posts were up. So, that’s definitely not happening again this year! It can’t — not just for my schoolwork’s sake but for my mental health’s sake. 

This year, you’ll see far less collaborations. You’ll also see fewer posts, as I move toward a more manageable schedule of 1-2 posts per week rather than 3-5. In addition, you’ll probably notice longer posts that are more in-depth, and a greater focus on outside projects I am planning such as my e-course and (possibly) a podcast. 

I encourage you all to make healthier decisions with your work-life balance, if it’s applicable to you. Maintaining your mental health is so important! How can I give anything 100% if I’m not feeling 100%? This year, I challenge you to make boundaries for yourself and stick to them — I promise, your readers won’t be upset with you. They want you to feel your best mentally and physically! 

Take a look back at this year’s posts: 

I’ll talk to you very soon. Thanks for being here with me in 2019, and now in 2020, too.


Jade Nicole

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