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  • Why You Need a Media Kit

    Jade 20th March 2020

    Hello, hello friends! I know that it has been insanely chaotic lately and my heart is with all of you, wherever in the world you are. Please stay healthy and practice responsible measures to prevent spreading or contracting illnesses during this time! I encourage you all to stay informed and, again, be responsible not only to keep yourself safe but to keep others safe and healthy as well. For more…

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  • Instagram Stories: Why They Matter [+ I Started a Podcast!]

    Jade 6th March 2020

    Hello, hello, friends! I am so excited about discussing this week’s topic with you all… not just because I love Instagram Stories, but because this is the first week where a blog will be supplemented with a PODCAST. That’s right — a podcast. I know…

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  • Using Tailwind to Drive Traffic to your Blog

    Jade 17th May 2019

    Hello, hello! Let’s talk about Tailwind App, an app specifically made to increase your activity on Pinterest and help you grow. Pinterest is SUCH a great tool for bloggers! Nearly every single Pinterest pin is connected to a blog post, meaning that when people share…

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  • How to Build an Engaged Instagram Following

    Jade 14th May 2019

    Hello, friends! Let’s talk about building an Instagram following in 2019! I started blogging in February and had around 1200 followers, but didn’t really start seeing growth until April. It is now May and I’m right at 3000 as of right this minute! So that’s…

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  • How I Grew my Pinterest to 42,000 Monthly Viewers in 1 Week

    Jade 21st February 2019

    I have been an avid Pinterest user for years now, but I never used it for business purposes. Just through using it day-to-day, I’ve been able to acquire around 1400 followers. When I finally began my blog, though, I was constantly reading about how effective…

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