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Racial Incongruence: My Experience

20th May 2019

photo by ophelia livs photography

Today, multiracial and multiethnic children are on the rise in America. As a multiracial individual myself, I have always been aware of the disconnect I experience as my social and self identities differ from one another. Many multiracial children and adults share this racial incongruence. In this post, I hope to share my experiences as a Filipino, Caucasian and Japanese woman. I hope to explain how my cultural experiences were quite confusing growing up as a result of this racial incongruence.

The family I grew up around identifies as mixed-race, as well, but they are Japanese-White. Many of them are white-passing. They did not share my identity exactly. Fielding questions about my racial ambiguity is a common experience for me, and has been my whole life. While none of these things impacted me detrimentally, I do feel that it allows me to open up about multiracial experiences and the nuanced, often incongruent realities of mixed-race children.

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