let's create something beautiful together.

Brand Identity

Let's work together to create a unique, compelling brand identity. Through a comprehensive questionnaire, I'll be able to grasp your vision and help it come to life.

Modern Designs

While borrowing from classic and retro influence, my style is quite modern and sleek and will transcend seamlessly for years to come.

Competitive Pricing

I want to ensure my designs are accessible to businesses and creators of all budgets, which is why I offer competitive pricing.

Pricing Packages

To mitigate a la carte pricing, I offer bundled packaging to maintain accessibility to all budgets. Bundled packages offer a discounted price to customers when purchasing in full.

Choose the Perfect Plan.

My designs are created thoughtfully with you in mind. My pricing is no exception. Choose a bundled package or a la carte — whichever suits you and your budget best. You can always add more later.



  • Usage Rights
  • Custom Design
  • 6 Prototypes
  • Color Codes


Brand Kit

  • Custom Logo
  • Typography
  • Graphics
  • Templates


Media kit

  • Usage Rights
  • Brand Research
  • Individualized
  • $15 Lifetime Updates

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to accurately understand your business and your vision, I ask that you complete a comprehensive questionnaire about your mission, values, brand colors (if you have them) and some examples of competitors for brand research. I want to ensure I fully understand what it is you are trying to achieve ahead of beginning your design plans. From there, I will send prototypes over for you to choose from, asking that you distinguish elements you like or dislike to further the design process. 

Each design type requires a different amount of time. I ask that you complete your comprehensive questionnaire and contract signing promptly so that the design process can begin right away. For logos, turnaround time will be 3-5 business days. Brand kits will require 5-7 business days. For orders that require shipping from a facility, I will ensure I inform you of the turnaround time for that ahead of time so that you can budget your time accordingly. If you wish to rush an order, fees may apply. 

Media kits require more than the simple mission and values. In order to complete your media kit, there are a handful of different insights I need to put them onto your kit. I am not responsible for inaccurate information on media kits (such as follower count, engagement rates, etc.) as these are all informational insights I ask for you to provide for me.

Media kits are subject to change over time, of course, as your audience changes or grows or your collaborations list gets longer. I would love to help you reflect that in an updated media kit, which is why I offer $15 updates after you have purchased the initial $50 media kit package. You can use this an unlimited amount of times. 

You have full usage rights over your graphics after you receive them. I will send your graphics in any form you’d like, but most commonly I send graphics over .JPEG and .PNG formats. If you’d like to request different sizes or resolutions, I can do that for you, too. Always allow at least 24 hours to receive graphics in a reformatted size. 

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