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Revari Lola Dress // Ophelialivs Photography

Last month, I collaborated with the incredible brand, Revari, and a Phoenix-based photographer to shoot in one of the most gorgeous pieces I’ve ever put on! The Lola Wrap Dress in Blush from Revari was such a dream to work with. Revari very graciously lent the dress to me for a photoshoot with Kazumi from Ophelialivs Photography! It was a desert shoot and such a dream to create in.

Creative Collaboration

This dress is made of the most gorgeous, shimmering apricot fabric. I was so surprised and excited to see they actually make this dress in several different colors, including this rust one and silver. The dress is made by a brand called Whimsy + Row, which has some incredible (incredible) items. I love their eco-linen cotton collection and am excited to try it. They even have some gorgeous homeware pieces that I have my eyes on for my new apartment.

The Revari Brand

Revari is a Phoenix-based brand committed to sustainable, fair trade and ethically made clothing and accessories. I LOVE that they have an eco and ethics guide. They require all of their brands to have at least one, if not all, of the following:

  1. Ethically Made
  2. Sustainably Made
  3. Fair Trade
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Eco-Friendly 
  6. Recycled Materials

In addition, all brands must cater to compassionate, motivated and professional women of today who are environmentally and ethically conscious and want to look stylish, chic and timeless at an affordable price.

Eco + Ethics Guide

Whimsy + Row

Whismy + Row is a brand sourced by Revari. They take pride in consciously reducing their eco-footprint, which y’all know I love. They use something called “deadstock fabric,” aka leftover fabrics and textiles from other brands who didn’t use them all in their production processes. I also love that this brand specifically goes to factories after they’ve been produced to cut out the middle-delivery man. All of their fabrics are low impact, meaning they use less water to produce. All of their packaging is reused and recycled, and they make small batches to ensure the clothes not only remain unique, but they’re also ethically produced. Cool, huh?

My Thoughts

When I first received the dress, I was worried that it wouldn’t fit because it looked a little large on the hanger. I’m not usually one to go for plunging necklines, but this one is so flattering! Just for a bit extra coverage, I safety pinned the neckline to keep it from gapping too much during the shoot. In addition, because it is a true wrap dress, I’d really suggest opting out of wearing this on super windy days (like I did!). 

I also had the opportunity to work with Kazumi, an Arizona-based photographer. She has such an eye for unique places that helped to convey the messaging behind the dress. I encourage you all to check out her work, especially if you’re in the Phoenix/Scottsdale/Peoria regions.


Jade Nicole

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