Using Tailwind to Drive Traffic to your Blog

17th May 2019

Hello, hello! Let’s talk about Tailwind App, an app specifically made to increase your activity on Pinterest and help you grow. Pinterest is SUCH a great tool for bloggers! Nearly every single Pinterest pin is connected to a blog post, meaning that when people share the image, they’re also simultaneously sharing your content. Make sure you’ve got beautiful imagery or a compelling graphic, sprinkle in a caption with keywords and voila! We’re good to go with a rich pin for the platform.

I’ve met so many people that use Pinterest but don’t use it as a social platform, which is totally cool! But if you’re trying to drive traffic to your blog, Pinterest is a GREAT way to be able to do that. Especially if you’re already using it! Win, win, win, right?

Tailwind makes it so easy to organize your pins, create pins, add links to your pins, create captions and share it into relevant groups within the platform. Tailwind also strategically posts your pins in what’s called a “SmartLoop,” which I’ll get into a bit later. You can join “tribes” with relevant niches and connect to other creators who are trying to grow just the same. Annnd, I’m gonna make the case on why you should join Tailwind App today. I mean, I went from 1,000 to 70,000 monthly viewers in just 1 month. If that doesn’t make the case for me, I don’t know what does.

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How to Build an Engaged Instagram Following

14th May 2019

Hello, friends! Let’s talk about building an Instagram following in 2019! I started blogging in February and had around 1200 followers, but didn’t really start seeing growth until April. It is now May and I’m right at 3000 as of right this minute! So that’s about 1700 followers within the last month. Crazy! I more than doubled my following and it was all done naturally, organically and without buying followers.

Before we start, I just wanted to talk about why you should want to build an Instagram following for your business. Aside from the numbers and the likes, think about it! These are people who are engaging with your posts, who are able to see your advertising on a daily basis. They can consume posts, stories, comments and likes from you, building brand familiarity. This is a great way to drive potential customers to your brand, whether it’s a product or service or a blog, like mine. Most of my readers come from my Instagram, according to my WordPress analytics. Many followers also come from Pinterest, but that’s a different post (coming soon).

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Target Marketing, Segmentation & Instagram Promotions

8th May 2019

Hello, friends! I hope you are having a wonderful week. I’ve been getting a tons of questions over on my Instagram about engagement and building a following, and I’m so grateful to even be getting those questions at all. I never, ever, in a million bazillion years thought I’d be able to grow at this rate. And I never thought that you all would be able to notice as well! I’ve been able to land some pretty cool opportunities just because of my engagement rate, and I’ve had luck cultivating a meaningful following that’s engaged and interested in my content. So… how’d I do it?

I figured that, instead of building one long post that would detail everything, I’d break it up into tiny segments to be a lil’ easier to digest. Plus, #content, right? Also, I’m thinking about spending time building an e-course this summer all about it, but that’s just on the back-burner for now. But, stay tuned. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

Today’s post is all about understanding Instagram and Facebook paid promotions and target marketing. I would highly, highly suggest this because it’s extremely effective, first of all. Next, it’s surprisingly affordable. As a new blogger and a college student, I don’t have the freedom to dish out tons of money for professional marketing and advertisements. Plus, I’d argue that you don’t even need to in order to build a following. I’ve found that Instagram promotions and target marketing within the platform are extremely effective ways to get your posts in front of the right viewers, and with very little effort.

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7th May 2019

HELLO, friends! Just hopping on here real quick to let y’all know a big personal update: I GRADUATED. AGAIN. This time with my Master’s in Mass Communication! I feel like it was forever and a day ago that I left home at 17 and was dropped off, ALONE, in Phoenix, Arizona all the way from lil’ old Suwanee, Georgia. I can’t believe my time here is almost up!

During these five years, I have LOVED living here in Phoenix. It’s so different than where I grew up, but it was a fantastic change. I truly felt like I was raised in Georgia but grew up in Arizona! At 17, graduating at 22 seemed so far away. Even when I declared my 4+1 degree, I thought the day would NEVER come. And now, here I am; I walk across the stage tonight with that degree, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

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How to Pitch to Brands for Collaborations

29th April 2019

How to Pitch to Brands for Collaborations

I have so many meaningful, intentional collaborations in the works at the moment, and I’m so excited. Before I began blogging, I assumed that it was quite hard to snag a brand partnership. I was worried about reaching out to brands — how do I “cold call?” Will they even want to work with me? How can I make sure I can secure it?

How to Pitch to Brands for Collaborations

Well, my friends, I’ve put together this blog post to answer all of those questions for you! I have had so much great luck when it’s come to securing brand collaborations. I hope that my tips and tricks will help you start building your own meaningful, intentional collaborations, as well.

1) Make sure you have social media accounts to show them (even if your site isn’t up)

Personally, I don’t think social media follower numbers matters as much as the content you’re putting out there. Be sure you have at least 9 posts before reaching out to brands for a collaboration — the last thing you want is for them to click on your Instagram link to see you’ve barely got any content for them to see at all. You may also want to consider spending some time and energy building your Instagram beforehand.

As you can imagine, while follower account isn’t the be all end all, it definitely contributes to your credibility in the eyes of a brand. Try to think like the brand: why should they send you free products or pay for a sponsored post with you? What’s in it for them? If you have 10 followers, you can imagine that this wouldn’t be an overtly strategic partnership for them — they’re not ensured your posts will reach a large audience, so it’s hard to commit to that partnership. So, try and build your numbers and reach first!

Work on your social media credibility

Plus, there are so many bots and fake accounts nowadays. Building your follower count and engagement organically is so, so important in building your credibility as a real person, as well! I’d recommend spending a few weeks or even months building up your social medias and publishing content before reaching out to brands. Start out by posting at least once a day!

2) Create professional marketing materials

Before we can even begin looking at crafting a pitch email, we need to create our branding strategy to ensure we appear professional and credible to these brands. I recommend creating a media kit to attach to your emails as a PDF file (in my opinion, much more professional than an editable Google Doc or Word Doc). Use Canva to create a media kit with the measurements of a resume; make sure your branding marries well with your aesthetic online and your site (if you’ve got one). I have a Brand Kit in Canva where I’ve uploaded all of my brand colors and fonts for easy marketing creation, and it’s super easy to do. Pick consistent colors and fonts to stick to, and think about creating a “mood board” to get your aesthetic down. You can do this on Pinterest.

Create a media kit

On your media kit, include your social media handles, your email, phone number, and growth analytics (follower count on all social media platforms). If you’ve just started out, think about including your rate of growth or other key elements you think could add to your paper persona. I love to mention my background in journalism and mass communication, as this background has particularly helped me with social media analytics, web creation, photography, videography and audio editing. Think of supplemental details that essentially add to who you appear to be on paper, much like a resume or personal statement would for a college or job application. Be consistent throughout your marketing materials to ensure you are appearing as professional as possible. Get others to proofread your documents, and save an editable copy onto your desktop so that you can update your numbers before every pitch.

3) Do heavy research on the brand

The last thing I would ever recommend you doing is copying and pasting a branding template and going for it to a million different brands. You want to appeal to these brands, right? You should be intentional and strategic about your pitch emails. This is essentially their first impression of you! Be kind, polite and ensure each pitch is personalized to the specific company.

I try to include tidbits of information that show my fondness for the brand, like if I’ve been following them for a long time on social media or if I’ve purchased from them in the past (I always include exactly what item I received — if you can, add in a branded photograph to showcase your skills in brand photography). I love to talk about their messaging and missions, as these are things that usually draw me to the brand in the first place.

DO NOT just copy and paste their “about” page back to them — be intentional and genuine about it. Do you love their marketing messages? Are you particularly fond of their aesthetic? Do you love their mission as a brand? These are all things you should include because it not only lets the brand know you’re serious about the collaboration (and it’s actually meaningful), but it also gives them an idea of how you will showcase their brand through your work.

4) Come up with a specific pitch

This is something I particularly didn’t do when I first began “cold calling/emailing.” I didn’t want to commit to the time, effort and energy that’s required when crafting a lengthy, specific pitch. I thought I’d be wasting my time, but this has exponentially improved the success of my pitches. This shows them just how committed you are to the partnership and it gives them a better idea of what they can expect from a collaboration with you. I love to include specific shoot dates I have planned out, linking the photographer’s Instagram handles. I’ll usually add in the vibe I’m going for with a shoot, as well as the location.

Planning out the Pitch

For example, this week, I have a shoot planned out with a photographer here in Phoenix. We’re going out to a desert-ish location, with big saguaros and mountains in the backgrounds. We’ve pulled photos for inspiration, with bohemian inspiration and pale pastels as the focus colors. I described this in a pitch email to a local sustainable clothing brand, suggesting specific dresses that I thought would work perfectly with the backdrop. Along with my own media kit and social media handles, I sent the brand pictures of my inspirations, and they loved the idea! They lent me some clothes to shoot in as well as a specific affiliate code, and voila. A perfect recipe for a great content collaboration.

Here’s a quick checklist I’ve created for you when it comes to a pitch email:

  1. Introduce yourself
    1. Your full name, your blog title, your blog’s mission, location and URL
    2. Mention that you’ve attached a media kit with social media analytics, audience demographics, etc.
  2. Admiration for the brand
    1. Mention specific aspects of their brand you feel go well with your own (mission, aesthetic, messaging, social media distribution, etc.)
    2. Products you’ve bought for them or how long you’ve supported the brand
  3. Your idea for a collaboration
    1. Shoot location / information (photographer’s Instagram handle or website hyperlinked)
    2. Aesthetic idea or vibe (example photographs)
    3. Specific products (full names) that you feel would work for the collaboration
    4. Timeline
  4. Attach your media kit and sign off with a professional signature (you can generate one here)
  5. Thank them for their time

Hopefully this helps you land collaborations with some brands you’ve had your eye on! Also, be sure to follow them on their social medias and engage with their content — share their posts on your stories, comment on them or even just simply ensuring you’re “liking” their content will get you far. This shows your commitment to them as a brand and your genuine affinity for their products and messaging.

How to Pitch to Brands for Collaborations

Let me know how this works out for you!


Jade Nicole



50 Blog Post Ideas About Blogging

18th April 2019

We’ve all been there — stumped, trying to think of the next blog post to get up and running on our sites. Here’s a list of 50 Blog Post Ideas About Blogging! Hopefully, this helps you out of your writer’s block and inspire your next post.

50 Blog Post Ideas About Blogging

  1. Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is Important
  2. How to Get Higher on SERP (Search Engine Page Results)
  3. Connecting with Online Creators: How To
  4. How to Start a WordPress Site
  5. Best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers
  6. Best Affiliate Programs for Blogger Beginners
  7. How to Get Your First Sponsored Post
  8. Get Your First Brand Deal TODAY: How To 
  9. How to Optimize your Instagram
  10. Using your LinkedIn for your Blog
  11. Review of affiliate programs
  12. Top 10 Blogs about Blogging
  13. How to Grow your Pinterest Monthly Followers
  14. Why You Should Be Using Tailwind for Pinterest
  15. How to Schedule Your Social Media Content
  16. Creating an Editorial Calendar
  17. 10 Ways to Network on Social Media
  18. Best Online Blogger Resources
  19. Best Online Courses for Beginner Bloggers
  20. Why You Should Define Your Niche
  21. How to Create Optimized Graphics
  22. How to Organically Grow your Social Media
  23. Struggles I’ve Had Beginning Blogging, and How to I Fixed Them
  24. Networking Tips for Bloggers
  25. How to Host a Bloggers Brunch
  26. Using Facebook Groups as a Blogger
  27. How to Use Pinterest to Grow your Blog
  28. Growing your Email List: Why It’s Important and How to Start TODAY
  29. Best Podcasts for Bloggers
  30. How to Create Brand Photography that Sells
  31. Starting Your Personal Brand
  32. How to Design Graphics (for BEGINNERS)
  33. Instagram Tools & Techniques for Bloggers
  34. What’s an Engagement Pod? How do I use it?
  35. How to Create Branded Social Content
  36. The Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com
  37. Why Most Bloggers Fail
  38. How to STOP comparing your blog
  39. Places to promote your blog once you’ve published
  40. 10 Things you Should Do BEFORE you hit publish
  41. 20 Blogs that Accept Guest Posts
  42. How to Approach Brands for Collaborations (Email Template included)
  43. How to Create an E-Course
  44. Understanding Google Analytics
  45. Affiliate Marketing 101
  46. What I Wish I Knew When I first Started Blogging
  47. How to Improve your Content Engagement
  48. How to Automate your Promotions
  49. 10 Different Apps that Automate Your Content Promotion
  50. Income Report


50 blog post ideas about blogging


Which ideas do you think you’ll implement into your content calendar? Let me know!

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