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First Care/of Order: Personalized Vitamins & Supplements

23rd June 2019

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Summertime is all about resetting my health for me. Whenever I come home to Georgia, my family is always hyper-committed to eating healthy, hiking, working out and drinking water to reset all of our systems. That’s why I was so happy when Care/of reached out to me to try out their personalized vitamins, boosts and protein powders this summer! Just a week ago, I took a quiz that totaled maybe 10 minutes of my time. I detailed the different health concerns I had and voila! A curated list of the best vitamins for me and my needs was recommended to me, and on its way. I’m very excited to try these out for the next month.

Care/of was kind enough to send out these materials to me, but in no way does that change my opinion of them. If you’d like more information on my transparency practices, please visit my Disclosures + Codes page for more information.

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A Dress Made of Flour Sacks // Liz Alig

20th June 2019

Liz Alig Dress | Jade of Trades

Where and how something was made tells a story of that brand. I no longer can justify spending my money where I know that the people who have made my clothing have suffered. How you choose to spend your money determines what kind of world you want to live in; with every dollar, you vote for fair living wages or not. You vote for cruel animal practices… or not. And you vote for the right of others to suffer for fashion… or not. Liz Alig is a brand that you can contribute to that makes their items with meaning — slowly and ethically. read more


Dewy Cel Eye Plus Cream Review

18th June 2019

DewyCel Eye Plus Cream | Jade of Trades

I scream for… eye cream! Are you laughing? That’s okay, I wasn’t either. DewyCel was so kind to send me not one but TWO eye creams to try out. I’ve been using it for weeks now, and I love love LOVE this eye cream! I’ll be honest and admit that I haven’t tried too many before — as a 22 year old gal, the skin around my eyes hasn’t worried me just yet. But, I know that prevention is great for preserving that area, so I’m glad I finally have one that I reach for daily.

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Luxurious, Chic & Animal-Free // Niko Ineko

14th June 2019

Niko Ineko | Handbag Review

I received the most GORGEOUS bags from Niko Ineko last week. Y’all… I’m not joking. These bags are so incredibly beautiful and luxurious. Inspired by the magnificent Southwestern United States, I love how these resemble saddle bags with the most subtle detailing that amps it up and makes them the perfect classic accessory to your outfits.

The very best part? These luxurious, chic, beautiful bags are completely animal-free. They’re crafted from vegan leather that is so high-quality and feels SO nice. The brand has an incredible commitment to conservation and animal welfare that I admire so, so much. I love to wear brands that share beliefs that align with my own, and Niko Ineko is of no exception.

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Summer CauseBox 2019

12th June 2019


Summer CauseBox

My first CauseBox came in the mail! Are y’all fans of the subscription-based services happening nowadays across beauty and fashion brands? I personally think it’s so much fun! I’m so guilty of repurchasing the same things over and over again, not because I love them, but because I’m comfortable with them. As an (upcoming) law student, I don’t have a ton of money to splurge on products I may or may not like. That’s why subscription boxes are a great alternative; these products are curated by stylists and industry professionals.

You guys know I’m such a fan of brands and products that are made mindfully, meaning that they are either fair trade or artisan trade and empower the lives of those who make them instead of perpetuating poverty. So, when CauseBox reached out to me to send me their summer box, I was super excited. My love for subscription boxes combined with ethically and sustainably made items is my dream come true.

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