Nisolo Shoes // Sustainable Brand Highlight

I’m so super excited for today’s post! While I have reviewed a ton of sustainable fashion companies in the past, I have never had the opportunity to try out some slow fashion shoes. That’s why I was so happy when Nisolo reached out to me to try out their incredibly elegant, smart shoe collection. I am all about trying clothing brands that support fashion industries that are better for the people and the planet. 

Nisolo’s vision is a fashion industry in which success is based on more than just offering the cheapest price. “An industry that not only values exceptional design, but the producer and the planet as much as the end consumer,” (Nisolo). I LOVE when brands and corporations include what’s called an Impact Report. Nisolo’s impact report is linked right on the front page of their website, detailing their sustainability initiatives and giving tangible results from their industry. For example, some of their Impact Highlights include 157 full time, sustainable jobs created; 761 livelihoods supported across their supply chain; 100% of Nisolo producers are 18 years of age or older, etc. 

About Nisolo

There is such an incredible connection between the people who create clothing and the people wearing them. The fashion industry as a whole should empower everyone involve, not create sustained poverty and unethical living situations. Part of having a sustainable brand is being transparent about the people within the brand, and I truly appreciate that Nisolo makes such an effort to show and tell you about their artisans and producers. Within their Impact Report, they detail the importance of living wages, fixed salaries, bank accounts, savings and advance programs. They commit to giving their Peruvian workers contract employment, local economies, healthcare, time off, trainings and programs and an amazing work environment. 

They detail all of these programs within each and every of the countries in which they operate their business, from Mexico to Peru to Kenya. When you purchase their shoes, you not only support the lives of these workers, you support the environment as well. With each pair of shoes, a certain amount is donated to the Amazon Basin to conserve the rainforest (cool, right?). I love their corporate social responsibility policies and I can truly appreciate their transparency when it comes to that, as well. 

“The reality is that everything we produce and consume positively or negatively affects the environment and the communities dependent on it. We believe both businesses and consumers have the power and responsibility to replenish rather than deplete the ecosystems they impact. Our goal, in the long run, is to create a lasting, net-positive impact between our core stakeholders––our producers, the planet, and our customers––and this partnership is one step further in that direction” (Nisolo). 

Commitment to Circular Fashion

They have an incredible commitment to circular fashion, as well, through their Shoe Reclamation Program. They work with a program called Soles4Souls. Donated shoes are given to micro-entreprenuers in developing countries, enabling them to clean and sell shoes in their local communities. You receive credit for sending in your shoes rather than sending them into the landfill, so how cool is that! 

Nisolo’s Elegant Designs

These shoes… they’re perfect. They are absolutely beautiful. I should start by saying that I absolutely love the design of the website and branding, but the shoe designs are incredibly elegant and smart. There are so many that I can see adding to my closet for the most beautiful, classic wardrobe. I also love that they have just as elegant men’s designs, too! 

The entire brand is just thoughtful; that’s the best way I can describe it. It’s full of mindfulness and incredible intentionality. Everything is so thought out and I just can’t get enough of it. Every single brand should be like this. 

Will you be trying Nisolo’s designs? 


Jade Nicole

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