My Favorite Podcasts #1

Hello, hello, friends! Today, I want to take the time to talk to you guys about something that is very near and dear to my heart: podcasts! I listen to podcasts all day, everyday… when I’m in the car, cleaning the house, during my five mile walks (which, btw, have become my New Year’s goal for this year — 5 miles everyday!). Podcasts just seem to really engage me and my mind in a way that makes mindless activities so much more tolerable and less boring. During our 10 hour car ride from Atlanta back down to Tampa, I actually hooked my whole family on some podcasts, as well. My brother said it was the fastest car ride of his life, and so… that has to mean something, right? 

Anyway, my point is: if you haven’t given podcasts a shot, maybe you should. But also, if not, I’m not sure if this is the post for you. Let’s get into it! 

With podcasts, (and television shows, and movies, and music) I have such a particular taste that if I just don’t vibe with something right away, I switch it off and find something new. Austen always gets so annoyed with me about that, but hey. I like what I like! I’m also a chronic binger — once I do find something that I really like, it’s only a matter of time before I’ve caught up and have run out of content to listen to (lol). So, with that being said, I am always welcoming and thankful for suggestions that come my way. Most of my favorite podcasts came from suggestions from those I love that know me well (and my heart for true crime). 

1. Crime Junkie

Okay, okay, so maybe this is a #basic pick… but I freaking LOVE Crime Junkie. I love Brit and Ashley, and I love their storytelling format. It feels so much like I’m sitting around with a few girlfriends, talking about a crazy case yet in an extremely informative, educational and empathetic way. I like how Brit and Ashley truly seem human — so many of these true crime stories intrigue me with the content itself, but the host reads the story like a story instead of a conversation, and it feels all too much like a poorly written documentary that could use supplemental imagery. The hosts of Crime Junkie truly exude compassion and empathy, which I really admire in the realms of such sensitive stories. 

There are a ton of these episodes available for streaming, so I love to binge Crime Junkie on a run or in a car ride. I wait anxiously every Monday for a new episode, and will probably upgrade to their premium subscription soon because I love the show that much. 

2. 1619

To be honest, I binged this one in… two days. Two runs, and that was it. I had finished, and I was left craving so much more! 1619 is a podcast series by the New York Times that explores the history of African Americans in America, starting from the year 1619. The content was so informative and educational, yet explored so many different aspects of American history that I had never really known about or learned on my own. I love the way they break the podcast up into different segments, including music history and economics. It truly is a podcast that every single person should listen to. 100%. 

3. The Rewatchables

Okay, time for some upbeat stuff. I love The Rewatchables with Bill Simmons — Austen introduced me to this one a few weeks ago and I’ve been binging it ever since. We’ve now since become a couple that coincides their weekly movies to what will be reviewed by The Rewatchables so that we can participate in the conversation and get the full scoop. The Rewatchables is a podcast that reviews “rewatchable” movies, such as Fatal Attraction (ugh, one of my favs, lol), Get Out, Dunkirk, and The Shining. They talk about different categories such as “What’s Aged the Worst” or “Most Rewatchable Scene.” Even if you don’t listen to every single one, I recommend finding one about your favorite movies and listening to that one! 

4. Heaven’s Gate

Okay, so this podcast was actually one I was assigned to listen to in undergrad during an Advanced Podcasting class my senior year. It was a top pick from my podcasting professor, and we tore into several episodes every week to discuss different storytelling and audio mixing techniques. I was incredibly intrigued by the story of Heaven’s Gate, which, if you didn’t know — is a religious cult that culminated in one of the biggest mass suicides in history. It is beautifully done and such a captivating story that I really think most anyone would enjoy.

5. Eco Chic

This one is a great one for those of you who love to learn about sustainability and the environment. Laura Diez, the host, talks about fashion, economics, food, and conscious consumerism, and the ways in which these tie into sustainability and living eco-consciously. Just last week, she talked about the Australian bush fires and the hurricanes in the Bahamian Islands. She gives tips to create zero waste starter packs, eating lower in the food chain, etc. Definitely would recommend giving her a shot! 

If y’all have any recommendations, I would LOVE to know. I’m always on the search for something new and exciting! Especially with this resolution of 5 miles per day, lol. Time is on my side.

Talk soon.


Jade Nicole

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