Meet Paisley Raine

Oh. My. GOODNESS, you guys. I am so excited for y’all to meet Paisley Raine, the newest addition to our family! Paisley is a four and a half month old Golden Retriever, and she’s so, so, so beautiful. We adopted her on Sunday in Tampa, Florida while we were touring apartments and the school that I’ll be attending in three weeks! 

Paisley has such a sweet, calm nature and she’s extremely low-key and observant. Nothing like her cousin, Gunner! Lol. Everyone remarks on how dainty and elegant she is, and let me tell ‘ya. She definitely has that elegant gal vibe going on. 

Paisley’s First Week Home

Paisley endured a TEN HOUR car ride from Tampa back up to North Georgia on the very first day we adopted her. I can’t even think of any other dogs we’ve had that have had to go through that long of a car ride with us, let alone on their first day away from their previous homes. I know she was anxious and unsure, but she truly did do such a great job in the car for that long period of time. 

We stopped every 2.5 hours for her to stretch her legs and use the restroom, and she was very good! When we came home, we had all of our family waiting here to meet her (overwhelming for anyone, even humans, lol). She was so sweet to everyone and remained quite calm throughout that experience as well. 

Ever since then, we’ve been taking her to the vet, the dog park, the lake… everything. It seems that she takes most of her time to explore and get used to different things, but we’re really starting to see what I feel is her “true” personality now. She’s getting more and more comfortable and confident in our space every day!

She has made friends with Gunner, her Golden cousin, and the other pups at our house. However, Gunner isn’t the most generous when it comes to sharing toys and sharing attention, haha. Paisley is patient and is starting to hold her ground, though! I’m excited to see how she acts once she’s a bit more confident and acclimated to our space. 

Well, that’s it! I’m so glad y’all could meet her, and I’m sure you’ll be seeing her around… a lot. All the time. Forever. 

Also — Paisley has an Instagram! Follow her @PaisleyRaine_ 🙂 


Jade Nicole

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