HELLO, friends! Just hopping on here real quick to let y’all know a big personal update: I GRADUATED. AGAIN. This time with my Master’s in Mass Communication! I feel like it was forever and a day ago that I left home at 17 and was dropped off, ALONE, in Phoenix, Arizona all the way from lil’ old Suwanee, Georgia. I can’t believe my time here is almost up!

During these five years, I have LOVED living here in Phoenix. It’s so different than where I grew up, but it was a fantastic change. I truly felt like I was raised in Georgia but grew up in Arizona! At 17, graduating at 22 seemed so far away. Even when I declared my 4+1 degree, I thought the day would NEVER come. And now, here I am; I walk across the stage tonight with that degree, and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

I just wanted to take the time to thank my family and friends for their endless, unconditional support. Without you all, I would’ve never been able to get to where I am now. I love you guys! Thank you for always standing behind me and supporting my wildest, craziest dreams.

Now… off to law school!

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