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Honest Beauty

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Hello, hello friends! If y’all have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE trying out new clean beauty products. Honest Beauty was kind enough to work with me and allow me to try their Extreme Length Mascara + Primer and their Vitamin C Serum! And… I’m HOOKED. I’m so in love. Their products are not only made with clean ingredients, but they actually work. That’s something in particular I’m always concerned about when testing out these types of products, and I’m happy to report that they are the bomb dot com.

Honest Beauty

Extreme Length Mascara + Primer

I’m a lash kinda gal. I love a lengthy, dramatic lash, and Honest Beauty has definitely delivered with their Extreme Length Mascara + Primer! I love the component, first of all. How beautiful and clean is this packaging?! The Millennial pink with the white… could it be any cuter? This mascara and primer duo is a 2-in-1, with twist off components on both the “top” and the “bottom” of the product. One end screws off to reveal the primer while the mascara is located in the other half.

Honest Beauty

This lash primer is so amazing because it creates a smooth base so that your mascara can work as well as possible. It’s sort of the same idea of priming the skin before foundation or priming your eyes before eyeshadow — it allows the product to go on smoothly and more evenly, which is amazing. I hate getting spidery, clumpy lashes that feel heavy, and this definitely allows the mascara to go on super smoothly and avoid that. The wand is perfect for avoiding the spider-lash look.

The mascara is known for its extreme length and sky-lift abilities, and I LOVE IT. It looks so amazing on my lil’ lashes, and helps them stand out. I also find that this mascara works really well with falsies too because of it’s super smoothness, and so I appreciate that (as a falsie wearin’ gal, sometimes).

Honest Beauty

Vitamin C Serum

Next up, Honest Beauty sent me this amazing Vitamin C Serum to try out. I have been a skincare FREAK lately, especially as my skin adjusts to the new weather here in Florida. This serum is such a dream. Vitamin C is a known ingredient to help with brightening your skin, and this serum in particular helps you look smooth and radiant. It is firming and looks so radiant on the skin. The perfect pre-makeup serum! (Although I may or may not also apply it before bed… whoops).

I would love for you guys to try these products! You can use my link, or you can keep your eyes peeled for Honest Beauty products at your local Target, Walgreens or order online on Amazon.

Honest Beauty

Let me know how you like them, since I know you will.


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