Homecoming 2019 Dress Styles to Look Out For

The year 2019 is the year to go extra, and that includes choosing your homecoming dress. Don’t stick to the traditional one-piece ensembles. Choose to go extra glamorous! Be inspired by your favorite celebrities and their fashion choices for 2019. With a stand-out dress choice, who knows, you might even be crowned Homecoming royalty, right?

Here are some of in vogue ideas from chic celebs to inspire your homecoming 2019 look:

  1. Embellished Two-Piece Dress

The two-piece style is making its rounds in the fashion industry again. Many aficionados are recommending this dress style for homecoming events. There are many 2019 strapless homecoming dresses that come in these styles.

You can go for co-ords that also fit the mermaid trend with loads of kaleidoscopic sequins. You can opt for a romantic beaded top if you want the upper torso to be all dressed up elaborately, or you can choose a fancy ruffled skirt if you want to draw attention to your lower body instead. Or, you can go for all-out bling on both the top and bottom pieces. Your choice of embellishments will determine how extra your two-piece homecoming dress style will be.

Wrap up your enchanting ensemble with strappy heels and crystal bling.

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  1. Suit Dresses

Also, big hits at red carpet events for this year are women in suits, so why not wear one to homecoming? Give it a feminine touch by opting for a sleek tuxedo dress with glittery embellishments. Be inspired by the sequined blazer romper worn by Willow Smith at the Los Angeles premiere of Aladdin. The additional details of an open back and a sweeping train have amplified the beauty of this creation to iconic levels.

Plus, the glamorous up-do and crystal-embellished heels make the perfect complements to an already extra fabulous ensemble.

  1. Dark Metallic Tones

Yes, going the shiny, shimmery, splendid route has never failed to grab anyone’s attention. A Pride-inspired, rainbow sequined dress will definitely be one to talk about. This time though, you can switch it up by opting for the darker tones instead of the usual bright hues of gold and silver. Get inspired by the metallic Marc Jacobs dark-toned rainbow sequined dress that Selena Gomez wore on her New York City press tour for her upcoming film The Dead Don’t Die.

With an already glittery ensemble, you don’t need much in terms of hair, makeup, and accessories. You can accessorize a dark metallic rainbow dress with a pretty pair of black heels and a black faux leather bag. Keep it simple to direct the attention of your audience on your gorgeous dress.

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  1. Textured Sleeves

Check out designs that incorporate sequins, ruffles, feathers, fringe, tulle, and lace, among other adornments to the usual sleeve. Mixed up elements can be a lot of fun too. A simple silhouette can be easily upgraded with a flamboyant trimming on the sleeves. If you’re wearing this to homecoming, just keep the accessories simple because the dress itself is already extra.

Be inspired by the many statement sleeves worn by our favorite celebrities to this year’s red carpet events such as Cardi B, Ciara, and Lizzo’s oversized sleeves at the BET Awards. You can also take inspiration from the much talked about sleeves on Emma Stone’s gold and brown gown from Louis Vuitton that she wore to the 2019 Academy Awards.

  1. Go Bold!

In addition to the details mentioned above, you can opt for neon-coloured ensembles, which have also been making its rounds on red carpets lately. Other current trends include sexy ensembles of sheer, slip, or lingerie-inspired dresses, or attention-grabbing layers of tulle.

Image Source: Unsplash


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