How I Grew my Pinterest to 42,000 Monthly Viewers in 1 Week

I have been an avid Pinterest user for years now, but I never used it for business purposes. Just through using it day-to-day, I’ve been able to acquire around 1400 followers. When I finally began my blog, though, I was constantly reading about how effective Pinterest can be to drive traffic to your blog posts. So of course, I made use of the app!

If you’re trying to grow your Pinterest, hands down the best app (according to nearly all blogs I’ve read on the topic) is the Tailwind App. The interface admittedly isn’t the most user-friendly, and it took a little while to figure out, but I whole-heartedly believe this is the reason my Pinterest has been able to grow to 42k in just ONE week. That’s INSANE.

Switch to a Business Account

Alright, let’s get into it. First thing’s first, let’s switch your account from a personal profile to a business account. This gives you access to the fruits of all of Pinterest’s analytic tools, which allows you to track and measure your growth. You can also run advertisements which show up as “Promoted Posts” to your target audience, but I’ve never used that feature.

Having access to your analytics is extremely important because it allows you to see what you’re doing right and what you could improve upon.

Understanding Pinterest Analytics

Here’s a snapshot of my Pinterest analytics. I didn’t include the last column since I haven’t figured out how to “claim” my website and link it to my Pinterest account yet. (I’ve tried everything — inputting the meta code into the header, uploading the file to the root folder, inputting it into the Yoast Plugin… if you know what I’m doing wrong, please let me know!)

Using pinterest analytics to grow your blog traffic

Analytics Terminology

So… what does this mean?

Avg. Daily Impressions – This is how many times your pins showed up on someone’s feed, search results or category feeds. This is not how many people have seen your pins; think about it. If I’m following you and I see your pin on a cake recipe, I may just scroll past it. But then later, I could be searching for a cake recipe in my search results and your pin might pop up. I’m one person and that’s 2 impressions.

Avg. Daily Viewers – This is how many people see your pins on a daily basis. So, since my impressions are higher than the amount of people viewing my pins, that means that my followers/the same users are seeing the pins multiple times.

Avg. Monthly Viewers – This is approximately how many people have seen your tweets in a month. This is a cumulative number.

Avg. Monthly Engaged – This is how many people are engaging with my pins, either repinning them or clicking on them.

So… what does that mean?

Let’s take a second to analyze this, since that’s the beauty of analytics, anyway. You can see that I had a ton of people (over 6,000) seeing my pins on Valentine’s Day, but then I had a drop-off. I know I had a ton of pins scheduled to push out on that day (I’ll get into scheduling in a bit), so I can assume that’s why that drop-off happened.

Also, the spike was on a Thursday, and the drop-off was on a weekend. So, maybe my users are more active on Pinterest on weekdays than on weekends. Maybe they’re pinning while they’re at work or in class, but on the weekends they’re not sitting on their devices. I don’t know for sure, but this allows me to take this information and test out my theories for next week. Then, I’ll be able to push pins at times I know I’ll get 6,000+ viewers.

Pinterest analytics to build your audience

Alright, now you can see the different pins that were the most popular this month. You can see that 14,000 impressions were made (it came up on peoples’ feeds or search results 14,000 times). Then, you can see that 212 people saved this to their own boards, meaning that even more people were able to see it. Twenty-four people clicked on it, which is pretty good. This helps you be able to see which pins are working best on what content your users are most interested in seeing.

Using the Tailwind App

When I was doing research on the best ways to grow your Pinterest, the Tailwind App was mentioned over and over again. This is an app that allows you to join “tribes,” which are communities of other Pinterest users with similar content. You can pin to these tribes and they’ll repin your content while you share theirs.

Tailwind allows you to schedule your own pins while also scheduling other people’s pins. It works autonomously once you do the original scheduling work, complete with “loops” that repin certain content on a spread out schedule. This app allows you to pin on certain boards at the same time, easily change the description and meta tags on your pins and choose what gets pushed when.

I have scheduled Tailwind to push around 35 pins a day for me. In addition to Tailwind pinning my content, I will usually get on before bed and pin 30-40 pins! This allows you to share a ton of content and get your pins in front of viewers.

Only Pin Things Relevant to You and Your Style

I’m always pinning, but I’m also strategic with my pins. Make sure your boards are clear and organized, and that the pins actually reflect you and your style. I don’t ever just pin something randomly; it has to fit in with the things I like, tips that are relevant to me and my followers and my “brand.” This allows other users to decide if they’d like to collaborate with me, and it also allows me to have quality content that I’m proud of. Be mindful with it! Pinterest is such a cool way to express your style, and so you should take advantage of that.

Optimize Your Pins!

Alright, one last tip, and perhaps the most important one: optimize your pins for Pinterest. There’s nothing more annoying than seeing pins where you can barely read the writing, or it’s blown out with pixelated photographs that just don’t look great. Make sure you’re using the proper dimensions (I just use the Pinterest template on Canva). Canva has so many great templates to choose from, so there’s really no excuse for sloppy pins.

I highly recommend purchasing and subscribing to Canva for Work for your blog. You’ll literally use this for everything — I build blog graphics in Canva, as well as logo designs, Instagram stories, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, graphic text Instagram images, etc. They have templates for email headers, advertisements, blog graphics… whatever you want. They also have really user-friendly tools like graphics and stock photos that are beautiful. And you can upload your brand kit to it, too, to make your graphic design even easier (I’m going to talk about this in a future post, so stay tuned!).

Keyword Research + Hashtags

Your meta description and alt-text in your images are extremely important to optimizing your pins. These things are basically a description of your image. It allows the search engine to know what’s in your image, and push it onto users who are searching something specific. You want to ensure you’re not pinning anything without a description, keywords and hashtags, because this will ensure users are able to see your posts.

Hashtags also allow users to pull your pins when they’re searching certain words, like “cake” or “fashion.” You may want to use more descriptive keywords, though, so that you can give the engine the most relevant information possible. This will allow you to target your ideal audience better and mobilize them to your pins and your page.

How I grew my Pinterest in 1 week

Finally, optimize your profile

Lastly, let’s optimize our profile. Just like Pinterest uses keywords and hashtags to generate results to users, it uses this when people are searching profiles and people, too. Add your title into your name. For example, mine says “Jade Nicole | AZ Lifestyle Blogger.” It gives people a location, a topic and an occupation that tells them whether or not my content is relevant to them or not. In the description, I list different keywords that are reflective of my blog’s content. And voila! Photographers, other bloggers and guest writers have found me this way, and it’s pretty cool. Such an easy fix, too.

Try it out!

Alright, now go out there and try it out! I believe in you. Let me know how much your Pinterest grows in 1 week! I’m so interested in the effectiveness of applications like these, and I think it’d be neat to see your results.

Talk soon.


Jade Nicole

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