Golden Star Beauty Sunless Self Tanning Review

I was so excited when Golden Star Beauty reached out to me to try their sunless tanning set! I’ve been using sunless tanners since I was in high school. I have a natural tan in my skin, but during the winter months I can often turn an olive-y green that looks a bit sickly. During the winter months and into the spring, I love to spruce up my skin and make it look a bit more radiant again by adding in a harmless tan through a bottle.

Sunless Tanner Golden Star Beauty

Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Kit

I used to use a different sunless tanner, but I really, really love Golden Star Beauty’s! Through Amazon, I ordered the entire set including the Golden Star Beauty Sunless Tanning Oil, Sunless Tanning Lotion, Tan Extender Daily Moisturizer, Self Tanning Mitt Kit and the Sunless Tanning Serum for your face. I’m going to go through the entire tanning routine now so that you can get a better idea of what each and every product does and why you should order it on Amazon today.

1. Dry brush your body to remove dead skin

The first step to sunless tanning is to prep your skin! Before hopping into the shower, I love to dry brush my skin using this brush I ordered from Amazon too (ha). I heard about dry brushing originally from Sarah’s Day, but I’ve recently heard about it again from Rachel Talbott on YouTube. Pinterest also seems to highlight the benefits of dry brushing to me all the time, too!

Dry brushing is great for exfoliating your skin and removing that layer of dead skin that can make your sunless tanner go on a bit less smoothly. It also helps out with circulating your blood and promoting lymph node drainage, so it helps a ton with decreasing cellulite! The act of dry brushing itself also stimulates your nervous system, making you feel super energized afterwards.

2. Take a shower, exfoliate and shave

Next up, get into the shower and scrub your body a lil’ more than extra. I love using these Japanese exfoliating cloths my family has repurchased time and time again since I was young. Now, I just order them on Amazon! These are so great for completely exfoliating your skin and making you feel super clean.

Exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating cloth and soap. Then, shave! If you don’t already exfoliate before you shave, wyd girl??? This is a great way to prevent ingrown hairs and ensure a really smooth, close shave. I love going in with this exfoliating scrub I bought from Mary Kay last month, but really, any sugar-based scrub would be great. In high school, I used to make my own by combining granulated sugar, brown sugar, olive oil and honey in a tiny bowl, and that works SO well. So, ya know. Whatever works best for you!

3. Skip the moisturizer for now

One mistake I always made before applying sunless tanning was going straight into my normal moisturizing routine (coconut oil and essential oils). Don’t moisturize just yet! I find that’s how sunless tanner will settle unevenly and won’t look super even. Instead, just apply a tiny bit of coconut oil onto places that you really don’t want the tan to settle in — your elbows, your hands, your knees and your feet. These are places that sunless tanning usually stains your skin a bit darker, and we don’t want that! Other than that, though, just skip the moisturizer until afterwards.

4. Apply the sunless tanning oil using the mitt kit

Alright, now for the easy part. After drying off, apply the sunless tanning oil using the mitt kit. Make sure to get the backs of your arms, your shoulders, your back, etc. Since the tanning oil is clear, it’s sort of hard to know exactly where you’ve applied the oil. So, just work from the top down. Be really thorough and ensure you’ve covered ground because it’s really difficult to tell with this oil being clear.

5. Apply sunless tanning serum on face using mitt kit

Use the sunless tanning serum on your face using the mitt kit as well. It smells super yummy and it’s full of organic oils that will actually feel really hydrating on your skin, so that’s cool!

6. Moisturize and everyday after, apply the tan extender

Alright, now you can moisturize up using the Golden Star Beauty moisturizer. Every day afterwards, apply the tan extender for a gradual tan that will help fade out the oil as the stain dies down a bit.

I love this sunless tanning oil because of the way it smells; that was my main problem with the other tanning foam I used to use. It smells so beachy and summery, and I absolutely love it. It marries well with coconut scents and is so tropical! Love it. It applies evenly and gives me the most beautiful golden tan. Plus, it doesn’t rub off on my white sheets or clothes and I can appreciate that! Grab your tanning kit now on Amazon and get it ASAP (it’s on Prime!).

Thank you to Golden Star Beauty for sending me these products to try out. As always, all opinions are my own.

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