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Ever since I’ve seen the first advertisements for HelloFresh, I’ve wanted to try it. While I wouldn’t call myself a bad cook, I definitely would say I only know how to make about five solid meals really well. I love finding new recipes on Pinterest. However, I can sometimes be intimidated by trying “fancier” recipes since buying different ingredients can get pricey. Plus, I don’t really know how I’d use those ingredients just yet, so I stick to what I know! However, I’d really love to branch out and try new things, and HelloFresh is literally the perfect way to do that. 

HelloFresh is a subscription service that basically sends you all of the ingredients you need with instructions on how to make the food. It’s an entire meal packaged up and ready to go — while, besides washing produce, of course. There’s really no measuring involved, which is really nice. It doesn’t take a ton of time to go to the store, find everything, portion it out, etc. etc. It’s sent right to your doorstep ready to rock and roll. 

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HelloFresh Campaign


What is HelloFresh

HelloFresh is a subscription service that sends you easy-to-follow, quick recipes with clear nutritional information. They send you high-quality ingredients sourced straight from the farm, with convenient meal kits that fit straight into your fridge. It’s a fun cooking experience and gets your feet wet with cooking, especially if you’re new to it like I am! Plus, you can keep the meal cards for the next time you choose to make it — making it quick and easy to build your arsenal of tasty recipes! 

They have different kits that fit your specific needs, whether you or a vegetarian, pescatarian or just an omnivore. There is no commitment whatsoever — you can cancel at any time or skip weeks at a time if you’re just not feelin’ it. They have the most 5-star reviews out of any meal kit company and are the best sellers when it comes down to it. Also, HelloFresh is fresh and affordable! You receive ingenious, chef-crafted meals starting at just $6.99. 

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Choosing Your Plan

When choosing your plan, HelloFresh makes it quick and easy. You can choose from the Calorie Smart Plan at $8.99 per serving, the Classic Plan at $8.99 per serving and the Family Plan at $7.87 per serving. You can choose the amount of people you’re cooking for (either 2 or 4). In addition, you can choose how many recipes you’d like per week and whether you’d like vegetarian recipes. After checkout, you can choose which type of recipes you’d like to make. 

The recipes sent to me included: Chicken-Sausage Spinach Ricotta Ravioli, a Pork Tenderloin recipe and (the one my family and I were the most excited for) a Beef Bulgogi Bowl recipe. I LOVE bulgogi; it was my favorite food growing up; my grandma made it constantly when I visited her in Alabama. I was so excited when I opened the box and saw this recipe! 

My Experience with HelloFresh

My first order with HelloFresh was honestly an amazing one. The way they package everything up is not only so super cute, but it’s so convenient as well. It was incredibly easy for me to grab out the different materials I needed, cut them up and voila! They were ready for cookin’. I absolutely loved being able to do this on my own, and the instructions are so clear that it is very difficult to mess it up. 

Some things I should note though: while the box is super convenient and it is almost entirely a full meal kit, I do want to add in a precaution that not everything is added into the meal kit that you’ll need. For example, olive oil, sugar, butter, salt and pepper were in a few of my recipes, but they weren’t provided in my meal kit. I know that those are more “basic” items that nearly everyone should have in their pantries, but I just wanted to mention that not everything needed is provided by the meal kit. 

In addition, all of the tools and materials you need to be able to cook, peel, strain or spin your ingredients are not provided. There are no tools provided; strictly just food. One of my recipes required peeling cucumbers and I have to admit: I did not know one person in college who had a food peeler. Lol. So, that one may have been a tricky one.

Overall, though, this is extremely easy! It is an amazing way to get your feet wet when it comes to good cookin’. I’m always down for a new recipe. If it saves me time, effort and energy why wouldn’t I wanna try it? 

Have y’all tried this service yet? If not, do you plan to? If I can do it, anyone can do it (haha, but actually)! Use my code, get $80 off your first order, and get to cookin’! 

Get $80 off your first order! Code: JADEOFTRADES80


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