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First Care/of Order: Personalized Vitamins & Supplements

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Summertime is all about resetting my health for me. Whenever I come home to Georgia, my family is always hyper-committed to eating healthy, hiking, working out and drinking water to reset all of our systems. That’s why I was so happy when Care/of reached out to me to try out their personalized vitamins, boosts and protein powders this summer! Just a week ago, I took a quiz that totaled maybe 10 minutes of my time. I detailed the different health concerns I had and voila! A curated list of the best vitamins for me and my needs was recommended to me, and on its way. I’m very excited to try these out for the next month.

Care/of was kind enough to send out these materials to me, but in no way does that change my opinion of them. If you’d like more information on my transparency practices, please visit my Disclosures + Codes page for more information.

Care/of Quiz

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

The first part of the process includes taking a quiz that allows Care/of to see which vitamins and boosts would be best for you and your health concerns. For me, stress and sleep are always my two main health concerns. I’m always looking for different supplements to try to help me sleep without getting an over-the-counter pill (that’s the last resort for me). Any way to find a more natural way to sleep would be greatly appreciated!

Care/of Quiz

I took the quiz and it probably lasted around 5-10 minutes. Their recommendations for you are based on your answers and the Care/of database, which is comprised of clinical research. “This health plan, made just for you, is recommended for you to feel your best today while supporting long-term health” (Care/of).

Different health concerns that you can choose from on the list include: Digestion, Energy, Skin, Heart, Bones, Stress, Brain, Immunity, Hair, Sleep and Fitness. For me, as I mentioned before, energy, stress and sleep are my three main priorities.

Care/of Recommendations

Drumroll please! These are the different recommendations that they provided to me based on my answers. Some of these, however, I already have in my arsenal of vitamins and supplements, so I removed them from my cart. I love that you can take things out or add different vitamins you’re interested in trying, even if they aren’t on your recommended list. With that being said, I decided to remove the fish oil (we already have that), and add on some different boosts and proteins that I’d like to try.

When I moved, I threw out my normal protein powders that I had been using for a few years. I’m always in the market to try out new ones. So, I decided to give the Plant Protein Sample Box a try.

My First Order: Care/of

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Care/of Supplements | Jade of Trades

Protein Supplements | Jade of Trades

Vitamins and Supplements | Jade of Trades

Blender Bottle | Jade of Trades

In just a few days, the vitamins and supplements came. Can we talk about what CUTE packaging and branding this company has? They nailed it. I was so thrilled with the way everything came packaged up. I love that they have the “dispenser” for the different packs of vitamins. However, it’s obviously not the most sustainable option! In addition, I absolutely adore the amount of customization that is added into these. It’s extremely thoughtful and I love that!

To order your first Care/of package, use this link and my code “JADEOFTRADES25” for 25% off! 

Alright, I’m excited to give these a try for the time being. I’d love if you all let me know if you’re going to try them as well! A ton of different health content is coming your way. Stay tuned for that!


Jade Nicole

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