Dead Sea Mud Mask by Aria Starr Review

Dead Sea Mud Mask | Aria Starr

All this stressful moving has created quite the difficult time for my face — I break out when I’m stressed, and the days sweating moving in / unable to find my normal skincare products certainly didn’t help. However, I was finally able to try out this Dead Sea Mud Mask from Aria Starr Beauty. They were kind enough to gift me this product and let me tell ‘ya; my face really needed it. 

This post contains a gifted product from Aria Starr Beauty. To view my transparency policies, please visit my Disclosures + Codes page. While this product was gifted to me, all opinons are my own. 

About Aria Starr

Before I received the products, to be completely honest, I had never heard of Aria Starr Beauty. After doing a bit of research, they are an organic skincare company based out of California. They are family-owned (LOVE that) by a mother and her daughters. “Aria Starr Beauty is committed to providing only the highest quality, premium, natural, pure, and organic ingredients for their skin and hair care products” (Aria Starr). There are no animal byproducts, parabens or alcohol, and they’re cruelty-free. Win, win, win to me. 

Dead Sea Mud Mask

Aria Starr was kind enough to send me their Dead Sea Mud Mask. It’s unfortunately currently out of stock, so I can’t see how much it normally retails for. However, when I Google it, prices are anywhere from $13 to $32 (weird). There are 430 reviews on the product for an average of 4.5 stars. That’s pretty good, honestly! 

The packaging claims the mask to be mineral rich and natural for deep cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying. The mud is from Israel, it is blended in China and the product is sold out of Southern California, for anyone interested. Within the mask, ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera, jojoba oil and the highest quality Dead Sea Mud.

Exfoliate, Deep Cleanse & Detoxify 

The formula supposedly cleans deeply into the layers of your skin, absorbs excess oils and removes dead skin cells for fresh, soft, clear skin with clean pores, even kin tone and refined skin texture. I love that their site details how each of the products works to get rid of blackheads and acne — it’s extremely interesting! 

My Review

The mask is a deep gray color. It’s extremely opaque and applies really smoothly! I really enjoyed putting it on. It doesn’t quite harden as you might expect, but once you run warm water over it to remove, it comes off cleanly and without the hassle of other face masks I’ve tried. 

My skin felt BABY smooth afterwards. Like… it was wild. Crazy. My lips especially, even though I didn’t use the mask on my lips (lol). I guess just washing it off made it run over them, but dang. They felt super soft. 

While I don’t think it completely cleaned out my pores, I do believe it made some “stuff” surface — my skin felt a lot smoother, too. I really enjoyed it and will add it into my weekly skincare routine for sure! I’m also adding it into Austen’s — I think it’ll help with the roughness on his skin as well.

If you want to try it out, I highly recommend it! 


Jade Nicole

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