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Sustainable Practices and the Triple Bottom Line: People, Planet and Profit

31st May 2019

Rachel Grace | Sustainability

When defining sustainability, many minds might jump to the idea of ecological sustainability – satisfying the needs of present generations without affecting the ability of future generations to fulfill their own needs. However, the environment and the natural resources it provides do not exist within a vacuum; there are people on this earth, and they tend to extract the resources on it. Because of this, a sustainable future only exists at the intersection of these three elements: planet, people and profit.

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A Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona

21st May 2019

A Weekend in Phoenix, Arizona

Living in Phoenix has been such a dream for the past five years, and it’s definitely bittersweet to be leaving. As I’m getting ready to move out of Phoenix, it seems like the proper time to do a full “Weekend in Phoenix” for you all — travelers and locals alike. Hopefully, I can point you toward some fun things to do in the Phoenix area, including some great foodie spots, hiking trails, boutiques and activities. Some things are a bit of a drive from Downtown, but just know, if I’ve included it… it’s worth the drive/Uber ride. I’ve still got two weeks left here, so let me know if I’ve left somethin’ out that I need to try before moving away! Alright! Let’s get into it.

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006. Update // First Law School Interview

6th April 2019

First Law School Interview + First Time in Chicago

Hello from the Windy City, friends! I’m sitting in Chicago O’Hare, waiting for my flight back to the Valley of the Sun in a few hours. I’m in Chicago for a law school interview, and it was my first one. Although I’ve already been admitted to the school, I was interviewing for a position within their Honors Scholars program (which would include full tuition!). I had the opportunity to meet so many aspiring lawyers, as well as ask questions to law professors and experience the first law school interview I’ve ever endured. Also, I’m going to include an analytics report towards the end! 

When I first began blogging, I really wanted to capture the law school applications process for readers. I loved reading blog posts on the actualities of applying to schools; I read up on lifestyle posts that included everything from LSAT preparation to school selections and everything in between. However, there aren’t *that* many blogs out there to read! And I felt like I had exhausted so many of my options, too. I turned to books instead, reading up on how to get into law school, but I do prefer lifestyle/blogger-ish content since it includes real world experiences. Anyone else prefer that?

The school flew me out to interview on Friday, but since the flight from Phoenix to Chicago is 3.5 hours, they flew me out the day before. I didn’t get in until late, so when my Uber was driving into the city, I didn’t get a good look at the skyline. Driving in, it honestly looked like a mix of Phoenix and Atlanta, just on a larger scale. The streets were wide and empty in the part of town I stayed, like Phoenix, but the buildings towered up in a way that reminded me of where I worked in Atlanta at the Capitol. My hotel was lovely, and I had the most wonderful view of the city from my bedroom.

What’s to Come

I’ll get into the nitty gritty of law school interviews once my applications are closed and my final decision has been made, and believe me: I’m takin’ notes. That post will include ways in which I prepared for the interview, as well as tips and advice for your law school interviews as well. I can’t say whether or not they’re particularly effective yet, since I haven’t been accepted in, but I’ll be sure to include that information once I get that blog post a-rollin’.

To be honest, I’m quite cold. And I know that’s the gag of it all; as I look around in the airport, I notice heavy blazers and wool coats and realize I’m happy to be traveling back to the land in which people wish for clouds. We’ll see if I ever eventually call Chicago home, but it’s quite a difference than being in Phoenix, that’s for sure.

Analytics Report

I thought while I was here, it was about time I did another analytics update for the past 30 days. I’m also going to throw an income report in here as well, as I think that’s rather interesting to see from other content creators!


Social Analytics Report - Jade of Trades

Alright, so, it may not seem like a lot but DANG, I am proud of this! One of the hardest things I faced at the beginning of blogging before was facing those daunting page views. However, I’m so proud of this! I’m glad unique visitors are consistently visiting my site, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Seems like my travel guide to Santa Barbara was a big hit, along with my SEO post that recently went live.

Social Analytics

I’ve included last month’s as well so you could see the progression in context.


Pinterest: 48k monthly viewers, 3,717 followers (2032 increase)

Instagram: 1,619 (424 increase)

Blog Subs: 15 (15 increase)


Pinterest: 55k monthly viewers, 4,315 followers (598 increase)

Instagram: 2,140 (521 increase)

Blog Subs: 15 (0 increase)

*I started a new Twitter this month to connect with brands and other bloggers more efficiently. Follow @jadeoftrades__. 

Income Report

I have made $20.00 for campaigns and promotions to date (score!). I’ve been gifted a handful of products to try out and review this month.

Talk soon.


Jade Nicole

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The Truth About My Law School Applications

If you’ve been a part of my life in the last two years, you would know how the law school applications process weighed heavily on my soul. My days consisted of constant LSAT (Law School Applications Test) studying, my weekends were consumed with full-length practice tests. I was consistently working on my application, writing and […]


Meet Paisley Raine

Oh. My. GOODNESS, you guys. I am so excited for y’all to meet Paisley Raine, the newest addition to our family! Paisley is a four and a half month old Golden Retriever, and she’s so, so, so beautiful. We adopted her on Sunday in Tampa, Florida while we were touring apartments and the school that […]



Packing Tips & Tricks

20th March 2019

In the five years I’ve lived out in Arizona, I’ve become a self-proclaimed professional packer. I’ve been on trips via planes since I was young, but I always had help from seasoned flyers helping me decipher what I could fly with and what I couldn’t. Trips were never longer than a week, and I never had to worry about traveling with anything larger than a carry-on. Honestly, I still prefer to travel only with a carry-on, even when I head to Georgia for the summer (three whole months).

Packing Tips and Tricks

I remember when I first started frequently flying, TSA always stressed me out (well, it still does)! I want the experience to be as quick, seamless and forgettable as possible. Especially because I love to get to my gate hours early (anyone else like this? Is my Virgo showing?). Here are some tips I’ve learned along the way that hopefully will help make your flying a bit more stress-free.

I should preface this post by noting all of the photos aren’t necessarily how I would pack my own carry-on. It prob wouldn’t be this aesthetically pleasing (alright, no, it wouldn’t). I recommend KonMari-ing (any Marie Kondo fans out there?) your clothes and thinking through strategic ways to fit as much in as possible!

This post features a product that was sent to me for free, Flight Fillow. However, all opinions are my own.

1) Pack practically

I am definitely guilty of folding up and taking along things I fully know I will not wear. Things like bodycon dresses, cute rompers and high heels always seem like they’re a good idea (and they’re super cute), but I know that I just won’t reach for them if I’m choosing. I know myself to be a comfort first gal, and I’d head for a slip on dress rather than a bodycon on any day of the week.

If you don’t wear it at home, you’re probably not going to wear it on vacation. So, nix it.

Versatile Pieces

I love to bring things I can wear and style several different ways. This may be an easy shift dress you can wear to dinner or as a beach cover-up, shorts that go with several of the shirts you’ve packed and a sweater that’s universal for all outfits. It probably goes without saying, but check the weather forecast beforehand and take a look at your itenirary.

Are you going hiking? Are you going somewhere with a nice formal dinner? What will you mostly be doing while you’re there? Have a good idea of how many outfits you will need, then pack 2 extra. I’d recommend always throwing a pair of jeans and a sweater of some kind into your carry-on.

2) Pack Strategically

I always end up playing Tetris with the items in my bag to ensure they all fit nicely — and don’t think this is just your clothing items! Take time to figure out how your shoes will fit in, your curling iron, your makeup bag, etc. because these are all things that’ll have to get into there somehow. I try to keep my backpack or “personal item” as empty as possible so that I can grab out my baggie of liquids and my laptop (two things I know I usually have to take out when going through security). I hate stuffing all of my items in frantically after it’s gone through the scanner; so, I keep most things in the carry-on suitcase.

Plus, you don’t want to have to open your suitcase in TSA! That’s such a hassle. Especially if you have to dig around to find certain things. Make it quick and easy by having the things you’ll need to take out in your shoulder bag. I’d recommend an over-the-shoulder bag if you can, just because it’s easy to grab items out of it. However, I’ve traveled with a backpack many times and had no problems at all.

Flight Fillow

Flight Fillow

I juuuuust wanted to talk about this Flight Fillow real quick. This thing is very cool! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve clipped a big, bulky travel/neck pillow onto my backpack or had it inside of my bag, taking up so much space. There are so many times I’ve even intentionally left these pillows at my destination cause I couldn’t be bothered to carry it with me in addition to everything else. Not to mention I’ve bought at least 6 in the last 5 years (big yikes).

Flight Fillow

The Flight Fillow is the “Reinvented Travel Pillow.” It gives you alllll the benefits of a travel pillow without any of the hassle, which is so cool. I haven’t yet traveled with it, but I fully intend on taking it with me to my flight in a few weeks to Chicago. It’s cool because the actual product is very small; you could tuck it into your wallet, even.

However, when you unfold it, it makes it super easy and do-able to fold up a sweater you already have and mold it into the shape of a neck pillow. Plus, you can wash it a lot easier than a traditional travel pillow AND make it the exact fluffy-ness you prefer. Pretty cool, huh?

3) Pack responsibly

Check your airline’s guidelines days before you head out to your trip. However, I’ll spoil it for you and tell you they’re mostly all the same. Can’t bring aerosols, no containers carrying liquids over 3 ounces, etc. etc. So, anticipate this while you’re packing! I’ve seen people toss full mouthwashes (unopened) into the can before, along with expensive skincare products or liquor. Check the guidelines beforehand! 

What are some of your favorite packing tips? Do you get stressed out in TSA like I do? (Lol) I’d love to learn more ways to make travel more efficient and thus, more fun!

Have you checked out all of my recent posts yet?


Jade Nicole


Sunset Hike // Papago Park

19th March 2019

This past Sunday, Aus and I went out to explore a new hiking trail we’d never been to before. The weather here in Arizona has just been amazing lately (lots of sun!). We both had never been to Papago Park, and it was on our AZ Bucket List. It was only a 20-minute drive from my apartment in Phoenix! Perfect for a short Sunday night hike.

We parked in the wrong spot (typical). What was supposed to be a 0.3 mile hike quickly evolved into a harmless 0.7 mile hike. We raced the sun as we scrambled towards and up the famous Hole in the Rock. Watching the sun set from the hole seemed like such a dream, and it was.

I love how there are so many different people gathered up there, waiting for the sun to set. We wedged ourselves into a nook in the rock right at Golden Hour, and waited as the sun sank behind the Phoenix skyline.

I did some reading on the rock after the fact, and turns out this gem has been used by early inhabitants of the reason to record the position of the sun. The sandstone is this beautiful, deep, Arizona red, and you can’t help but take a million pictures as you stare up at it (or at least I couldn’t).

There was something incredibly special and powerful about sitting up on this giant rock with several strangers awaiting the Valley Sun to set. We all sat and had this intimate, collective experience of witnessing beauty in those moments, and I think that’s cool. Don’t you?


Jade Nicole


Travel Guide to Santa Barbara, California

7th March 2019

For our very last spring break here in Arizona, we chose to head West to California for a few days in the sun. We traveled to the charming and lovely lil’ town of Santa Barbara. Located about 90 miles Northwest from Los Angeles, the town sits on the Central Coast of the Golden State and is characterized by its historic charm and hacienda-style architecture. It’s quaint and quiet, perfect for an opportunity for both Austen and I to recharge for the final semester (FINAL. SEMESTER.) of grad school.

Travel Guide to Santa Barbara, California | Jade of Trades

Quick List:

  • Harbor View Inn, 28 W. Cambrillo St.
  • Brophy Bros, 119 Harbor Way
  • Superior Court of Santa Barbara County Courthouse, 1100 Anacapa St.
  • Sandbar, 514 State St.
  • Jeannine’s, 15 E. Figueroa St.
  • The Old Mission Santa Barbara, 2201 Laguna St.
  • Douglas Family Preserve, Medcliff Rd. & Selrose Ln.
  • The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach, 2981 Cliff Dr.
  • La Super-Rica Taqueria, 622 N. Milpas St.
  • McConnell’s Ice Cream, 728 State St.
  • Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro, 3315 State St.
Travel Guide to Santa Barbara, California | Jade of Trades

I have always loved going to the ocean to recharge and relax. I grew up on the opposite side of the country, however, and visited beaches on the Florida Panhandle or in the Caribbean rather than on the Pacific Coast. It was so neat being able to see the difference in the beaches in the West, though. They are surrounded by rolling green hills and crests that overlook the sea. If you’re a fan of scenic beauty, Santa Barbara is definitely a location you need to add to your bucket list.

Stay at the Harbor View Inn

We lodged at the Harbor View Inn for the duration of our stay, and it was lovely. The hotel overlooks the coastline of West Beach and is just across the street from Stearns Wharf. It’s also only a short walk from tons of restaurants and shops along State Street and in the Funk Zone. The hotel is central to several beaches and other points of interest in the city. The beds were comfortable, the staff was so nice and the stay was awesome.

I should also mention that nearly every Uber or Lyft driver we rode with mentioned we were in an awesome location!

Day 1

We arrived to Santa Barbara from Phoenix in the early afternoon on a Saturday. The airport in Santa Barbara is small and looks more like a church than it does an airport, to be honest.

On the first day, the weather was unfortunately chilly, rainy and cloudy. We thought it was the perfect opportunity to do some exploring to the different buildings and attractions in the city. I had seen so many recommendations to see the Courthouse, the Mission and the Presidio, as well as shops and restaurants along State Street. After setting down our stuff, we were off.

Have Lunch at Brophy Bro’s

Our hotel provided us with a list of different restaurants in the area, and located under “Lunch” and “Walking Distance” was Brophy Bros. It was about a 13 minute walk from the hotel, or 0.7 miles. Because of the chilly weather, we were in a great mood for clam chowder! Brophy Bros certainly did not disappoint. We found out later they’re actually one of the highest rated spots in Santa Barbara (especially for clam chowder), so I guess we picked a great place. We also had a drink (they have a full bar) and some fried calamari (which was sooooo good).

Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades
Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

The restaurant is located upstairs and looks over the harbor, but we couldn’t really see since it was so foggy and rainy outside. However, the place was packed. We waited about 25 minutes for a seat, which wasn’t bad. Plus, there are shops and a museum right by the restaurant. You can also take a look at all of the docked boats adjacent to the street, or take some photos of birds like we did.

Walk State Street

Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

After lunch, we decided to head down to State Street for shopping and some exploring. The first stop, though, had to be a shoe store (I’m laughing writing this). I’m a simple gal, and I have two pairs of shoes I alternate between every day: and they happen to be the exact same pair of shoes, just in different colors (anyone else like this? No?). My Steve Madden slingback leather sandals with the chunky wooden heel have never done me wrong. Except in Santa Barbara, where it was raining and very cold.

Soooooo, off to Marshall’s we went! I ended up getting these adorable Steven Madden flats that have a white woven design for a really good price. Anyways, never mind. Not important.

We took a Lyft there, and right around the Marshall’s are a ton of different boutiques as well as clothing chains like Forever 21 and H&M. We decided to just walk up the street and browse different stores as we made our way towards the Courthouse, which was something I had written on my “Santa Barbara List” (thank you, Pinterest!). Austen was a little surprised that I wanted to see that, but it’s a very “Jade” thing to want to do.

Explore the County Courthouse

Courthouse Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

Situated in Downtown Santa Barbara, the courthouse exists on the just off the corner of Anacapa Street. It’s honestly so breathtaking. And I’m dramatic, but I’m not being dramatic about this. It was beautiful.

The building was constructed in 1929, and it’s got that beautiful, traditional Spanish Revival style that inspires the architecture in the city. It’s a gorgeous, bright white with intricate designs in the doors, windows and ceilings, complete with turquoise trim and a lush green lawn. Palm and olive trees vegetate the grounds, and it’s just. so. pretty.

Courthouse Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

We walked through the looming arches to the other side, where there’s a large garden that is vibrant and radiant. We saw two separate brides there with their wedding parties, and I’m not surprised. This would be such a beautiful location for wedding photos.

When I had originally researched the Courthouse, I didn’t realize that you could go up the stairs to the top for the views. The overlook was unreal. 10/10 would recommend.

Courthouse Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

Aimlessly Explore

To be honest, we did a lot of “let’s go this way” and “let’s see what’s down here,” which I’m always down to do and I’m glad Aus is, too. We walked around without a plan some of the times, which is what we did after seeing the Courthouse. Austen then decided to take us to where he used to play as a child, to a park that was relatively nearby.

Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

Honestly, walking around Santa Barbara is a treat in and of itself, especially if you’re into architecture. There’s always some beautiful building to gawk at or snap a photo of, which I was very guilty of.

Get a Souvenir

Our souvenirs are always the Starbucks “Been There Series” mugs. We didn’t start doing this until about 6 months ago, even though we’ve been dating for nearly a year and a half. We plan on snagging a mug at every location we visit together. I love that the mugs have different defining characteristics of the location drawn onto them, which help you remember and commemorate your trip. Plus, the mugs are just so stinkin’ cute and they’re big to hold looooots of coffee (wink, wink).

Unfortunately, Santa Barbara didn’t have a Santa Barbara mug from the series (which we sort of expected, it’s mainly big cities), so we ended up getting a California one with the same vibe. Plus, this one is a travel mug which I really needed!

Drinks at Sandbar

After dinner at a sushi restaurant, we went for drinks at Sandbar in Downtown Santa Barbara. Since this was our only weekend-night here, we wanted to be sure to get some nightlife in! Even if it was past my bedtime (haha). We saw the Sandbar on State Street and figured it looked like a neat place to go, so in we went. The drinks were good and the music was great.

Sandbar sells food, too, although we didn’t order any, and their happy hour is on Mondays-Fridays from 3 p.m. – 7 p.m.

Day 2

On Day 2, the weather was a lot nicer and the sun came out to make for a gorgeous Sunday.

Have Breakfast at Jeannine’s

Jeannine's Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

If you eat anywhere I talk about in this post, eat at Jeannine’s for breakfast. It was a place Aus had seen on another travel guide, and it did not disappoint! We walked just over a mile from our hotel and to our surprise, the line wasn’t too long for a Sunday morning around 10 a.m. The restaurant was busy, however, with a line that extended beyond the front doors of the joint and full of guests both inside and outside.

Jeannine's Santa Barbara | Jade of Trades

Austen had seen a post about the Banana Kahlua French Toast they make there, and you know I had to get that. Aus went with the eggs benedict (surprised? I’m not) and we both ordered medium hot lattes that were so yummy. Always remember: calories don’t count on vacation.

Austen and I were seated at a table right outside of the front of the restaurant. It was a little awkward with the long line the place garnered, but not bad. The sun was warm and the food was good. No complaints here. At all.

Visit the Old Mission Santa Barbara

We had also seen this “to do” on nearly every travel guide we’d seen. The Old Mission Santa Barbara is located a few miles from the Downtown area, so we jumped in a Lyft after breakfast and headed straight there. The building sits atop a hill, and if you take a glance over your shoulder through the rear window of the car, you’ll see the coastline behind you. It’s beautiful.

The Old Mission is a historical landmark in the city that was built in the late 1700’s by Spanish Franciscans. I’ve included a link to the mission’s website if you want to see what the mission looked like back then, which is so interesting! The surrounding fields and dirt have now evolved into hacienda suburbs, complete with the elementary school Austen attended when he was a young tot.

Even if you’re not particularly into history, the mission is so beautiful. It’s still active, actually, and since we went on a Sunday afternoon, we weren’t able to tour the church since it was in session. We paid $9 for the self tour on the grounds, which was well worth it. We were able to walk the old cemeteries and guide ourselves through the beautifully landscaped gardens and museum.

The mission is the namesake of Santa Barbara, and is now a parish church of Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Santa Barbara is named after the legend of Saint Barbara, a young girl who was beheaded by her own father for following the Christian faith. Because of its historical significance and its beauty, it should definitely be one of the top things you do while visiting.

Explore the Douglas Family Preserve

After we walked through the (dead) rose garden in front of the Mission (so sad, Aus really wanted to show me that!), we decided to find a hiking trail in the area with some beautiful views. Austen did a quick Google search and found the Douglas Family Preserve, which was a few miles from the Mission. We hopped in a Lyft and drove there, which was neat since we were going through the suburban districts of Santa Barbara.

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

The Douglas Family Preserve is located at the top of a hill overlooking the ocean in the Mesa neighborhood. I wouldn’t necessarily classify this as a hike rather than a nice nature walk. The trailhead begins and you can instantly see over the crest to the sea. We were stopping to take pictures within the first 50 feet.

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

The park also has gorgeous vegetation as well. Beneath the coastal live oaks, Monterey pines and Monterey cypress trees, it was beautiful (I feel like I’ve said beautiful 98 times in this post alone).

The preserve appears to be a local’s spot. Many of the visitors had their dogs with them walking the trails, and it was so cute! The park also allows visitors to take the leashes off of their dogs, so I could see how this would be an extremely popular local location. The views are just so beautiful! If I lived here, I’d come out to write all the time.

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

We sat on a fallen tree for some time, overlooking the beach below and taking in the view. It was most definitely one of my favorite parts of the trip, and I highly recommend it to anyone who finds themselves in Santa Barbara.

Day 3

We planned for Day 3 to be our beach day, since the weather was supposed to be very sunny and nice.

Eat Breakfast at the Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach

This, by far, was one of my favorite views I’ve ever had at a restaurant. Austen’s dad recommended it, and I’m so glad he did! The Boathouse at Hendry’s Beach is situated literally right along Hendry’s Beach, and the morning was sunny and warm. We snagged a lucky seat right next to the glass, so we could look out at the waves while we ate. We both ordered California omelettes and blood orange mimosas, and it was lovely! I’d highly recommend this place as well, if not for the food, for the views alone.

Lay Out on Butterfly Beach

Santa Barbara Butterfly Beach
Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

After breakfast, we decided to head to Butterfly Beach, a quaint and quiet beach in ritzy Montecito. The day became a bit more cloudy and cold, so we didn’t do any swimming. However, lying out on the beach in the sand was so nice! I haven’t been to the beach since last summer, and it was so lovely to be able to sit out and relax. We took a ton of pictures, walked the beach to find shells and soaked up what little sun there was.

Eat Tacos at La Super-Rica Taqueria

Can you tell we’re foodie people? Austen found this place on another guide, and we decided to head from Butterfly Beach straight there to get some tacos at La Super-Rica Taqueria. This place was so cute and small, with a local, family-owned vibe. The tacos were also so yummy, as well (it’s hard to compete with Phoenix taco joints, but these held their own). It was also pretty cheap to eat there, too (our entire meal was under $20 for both of us), but note they only take cash. We had to walk a block over to get money from an ATM but it’s close so, not too big a deal.

I think there is normally a long wait to eat here, but not on this particular day. We only waited behind two other guests, but from what I’ve read, the line can get long. We must’ve hit a sweet spot on a Monday at around 3 p.m., so maybe that’s the time you should go!

Walk Stearns Wharf

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

It’s odd that it took us quite a while to walk Stearns Wharf, considering it was just across the street from us. The pier has gorgeous views of the hills and the sea, complete with ocean-side seafood restaurants, small souvenir boutiques and the sea center. We ate at Surfboard on the pier later that night, and it was alright (we ordered clam chowder, again!). It’d be lovely to eat there during the day, since it’s on the second story and you can look out at the ocean.

Get Ice Cream at McConnell’s

Santa Barbara Ice Cream

Even though it was cold on this trip, I had seen so many people recommending McConnell’s Ice Cream on Pinterest, Instagram and travel blogs, so I figured it had to be good. We made a stop there and it was well worth braving the cold! They have a ton of unique flavors from Vanilla Grapefruit to Salted Cookie. We ordered two scoops and sat inside to enjoy it, and it was so yummy! I could definitely see how it would be a treat on sunny summer days in Santa Barbara.

Day 4

We had a few hours before our flight to get breakfast, pack up and check out. Our flight ended up being delayed for a few hours, so we spent some time at Santa Barbara’s airport.

Eat Breakfast at Renaud’s Patisserie & Bistro

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

One last breakfast foodie location (we love breakfast food). We traveled North to Renaud’s after a browsing Google search from yours truly. I had seen a review from a satisfied customer saying Renaud’s croissants were the best in the CONTINENT. That’s a bold claim I’m willing to take them up on, so we did. And, you know, they might be right. The croissant was flaky and buttery and everything you’d ever want in a croissant. 10/10 would recommend.

Santa Barbara California | Jade of Trades

We had such a wonderful time in Santa Barbara, and it made for a nostalgic last hurrah to the West before Austen and I move (probably) to the East. We didn’t get around to wine tasting or heading up to wine country (we are still college students, after all), but we figured that’s something we’ll just have to come back to do. Oh, darn.

Have you been to Santa Barbara? Did we miss somewhere? We’d love any excuse to go again.


Jade Nicole