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Darzah: Ethical Fashion from Palestine

6th October 2019


It’s time for another sustainable brand highlight, y’all! It has been a lil’ while, hasn’t it? AND. This is the first of its kind! This is a sustainable *homeware* brand highlight. How cool is that?! Well, to be fair, Darzah makes beautiful shoes and accessories as well as a few homeware items, and I’m so excited to share them with you today. They have an incredible mission that I think is especially unique and thoughtful in ways that I haven’t seen very often. I’m so excited to share their story with you! Let’s roll. 

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Interior Design

4 Ways to Make Your Space Cozy & Insta-Worthy

5th February 2019

Minimalist room modern decor

I am a huge believer that your space heavily impacts your mood, your productivity and your attitude. Having a tidy, cozy bedroom design that is characterized by your style is essential to transforming the space into your own lil’ sanctuary. I’m sharing some (cheap!) minimal decor ideas that can upgrade your room to the absolute Instagram-worthy space.

In full disclosure, this post may contain affiliate links. I make a small commission if you choose to purchase through my link, but you by no means have to! Happy shopping!

White marble bedside table with gold accents is dressed with white candle, handmade tree candle holder and essential oil diffuser. Minimal decor in beachy boho room

1. Add prints to your walls for a focal point

Two large posters hang. One is white, green and blue featuring a cactus against a white background. The other is of towering palm trees. Minimal decor in beachy boho styled room.

I’ve seen a lot of college gals use tapestries to add color and texture to their spaces, but they can be a bit chaotic for my taste. I have more of a minimal style, so I opted for these big, beautiful posters from Desenio. They have so many modern, gorgeous prints to choose from, and for a steal of a price. I chose these three posters.

Quote poster on wall. Minimal decor in beachy boho styled room.

One of them is a quote about living a balanced life, and I’ve hung it above my work space. It’s in a gorgeous handwritten font, and I think it brings depth in such a minimal, clean way (especially with the addition of these matte black wooden frames I bought). When I *eventually* have an office, I’d love to add this in the room as a reminder to be true to all parts of who I am.

Two posters hang above a white bed. One is of cacti and the other is of palm trees. Minimal decor for beachy boho room.

The next two hang together above my bed. I chose them because the vibe went well when they were paired together. It took me forever to find two prints I absolutely loved because there are so many on the site to choose from! I chose this minimal cacti photo along with the palm trees for a more Southwestern vibe throughout the room.

Add a Splash of Color

Desenio Posters

They have a ton of different prints from different color schemes. They’re the perfect way to add a splash of color and realism into your room! And… they’re not expensive either. They’re a great deal for such gorgeous prints.

2. Add texture to the space

Macrame wall hanging. Minimal decor for beachy boho modern room.

I absolutely love adding woven textures into my minimal decor design. Macrame wall hangings are super trendy right now, whether it be for hanging a plant or just a simple woven hanger like the one I’ve got on my wall.

Macrame Wall Hanging. Minimal decor for beachy boho inspired room.

It’s a cream color and so it doesn’t match perfectly with the white of the walls. It adds a beautiful depth and coziness to the room that I love. If you’re not into macrame hangings that are all white, don’t worry. I’ve seen gray, brown or even mustard ones that would add a splash of color to your room.

Macrame wall hanging. Woven minimal decor for beachy boho modern room.

There is just something about extra clean white sheets and bedding that makes me feel so at home. I’ve had white/white bedding all throughout college and they’ve been a dream to clean — I just wash them together with a bleach tablet and they come out looking as good as new!

all white bedding minimal interior design
Tassled bedding from Amazon hangs over bed. All white. Minimal decor for beachy boho inspired room.

I always opt for bedding that has a bit of texture as well, however, since just a plain white comforter could look a bit flat. I’ve chosen this tassled bedding that reminds me a lot of some of the duvets Urban Outfitters carries! This duvet in particular zips up, so you don’t have to worry about messing around with buttons or ties.

Pro Tip: Layer blankets of different textures and contrasting colors

quilted gray comforter contrasts nicely with white bedding. minimal decor

I’ve also added some texture to the bed by adding a different fabric beneath the white bedding. This is a gray comforter I actually stole from my brother, and it’s got a gorgeous quilted pattern on it that looks classic and clean when folded over. The gray pillows match as well and make for a beautiful contrast! Limiting colors helps to keep your space clean and non-chaotic.

Texturizing the Floor

patterned rug from urban outfitters. woven pattern. contrasting black and white. minimal decor.

I’ve got tassels on the rug as well, which is a woven texture with white and gray contrasting lines. This one’s actually from Urban Outfitters. It’s called the “Connected Stripe Rag Rug,” and it comes in a variety of sizes. Now that I think about it, this rug would be lovely in the bathroom as well. It looks beautiful atop the banana-breadish carpet we’ve got in our apartment. I’ve noticed that Arizona carpet is always this weird brown color (haha) that I’ve never seen in Georgia. What’s up with that?

Shop the rug.

3. Add sentiment to your space

handmade artwork. sentimental minimal decor.

A way to really make your house feel like a home is to add artwork, posters and photos that mean something to you to your space. For example, Aus and I have this adorable scratch off movie bucket list! It’s got all the classics on here, and once we’ve seen the movie together, we scratch it off! When you take off the layer with a quarter, it reveals an icon from the movie. It’s just a way to dress up your space with sentiment, and I think that’s pretty cute!

scratch off movie poster

Even though we’ve seen a lot of the movies on here, most of the ones I’ve seen he hasn’t and vice versa. So it’s a great way to catch up on classics (like the Goonies!) and to spend time with your significant other. I’m pretty sure they make an album one, too, if you’re an all-genre album person. I’ve linked it here so that you can get it just in time for Valentine’s Day.

marily rose art
Marily Rose Artwork

Another way I’ve made this place a bit more meaningful to me is by adding art by some of my friends (SUPPORT YOUR FRIENDS’ ART, IT’S VERY IMPORTANT). This piece here was made by my friend Marily-Rose. She makes these adorable felt pieces but also paints beautiful pieces that would add so much life to your space. Check her out!

Shop Marily’s art.

4. Add plants! and plants! and more plants!

Interior Design with Plants

Whenever someone walks into our apartment, they’re met with the grandiose indoor botanical garden we’ve got going (they’re all mostly my roommate, Ryan’s). Plants are a great way to add life and coziness to your room! They add such gorgeous color and are the perfect additions. Just be sure to research what your plant needs to thrive (light, placement, etc.).

Look for plants with big, vibrant leaves that will add a lushness to your space that flat portraits just can’t do. And, if you can’t keep them alive… grab some fake ones from Target for the time being.

4 Ways to Make Your Space Cozy and Instagram Worthy! Perfect minimalist and Southwestern-style decor for the modern gal.

I hope this post helped you figure out some different decor ideas for your space! I’d love if you shared what your space looks like to me. I’m always down for visual inspiration and looking for the newest piece to add to my lil’ collection. Follow me on Pinterest for more interior design inspo!

Talk soon.


Jade Nicole