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Darzah: Ethical Fashion from Palestine

6th October 2019


It’s time for another sustainable brand highlight, y’all! It has been a lil’ while, hasn’t it? AND. This is the first of its kind! This is a sustainable *homeware* brand highlight. How cool is that?! Well, to be fair, Darzah makes beautiful shoes and accessories as well as a few homeware items, and I’m so excited to share them with you today. They have an incredible mission that I think is especially unique and thoughtful in ways that I haven’t seen very often. I’m so excited to share their story with you! Let’s roll. 

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Organic Basics Underwear // Sustainable Brand Highlight

14th August 2019

Organic Basics | Jade of Trades

Another day, another sustainable brand highlight. These, by far, are my favorite posts to create and publish to you guys. I LOVE to show you guys the infinite amount of sustainable, eco-conscious alternatives there are to us. When it comes to underwear, I don’t know about you but I’m not super into the idea of shopping secondhand and choosing used. I definitely want something new to me and me only! That’s why I was so excited when Organic Basics reached out to me for a collaboration. They offer such a beautifully built, eco-conscious brand for high quality and sleek underwear that you can feel GOOD about purchasing. 

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