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Interior Design / Sustainable Fashion

Darzah: Ethical Fashion from Palestine

6th October 2019


It’s time for another sustainable brand highlight, y’all! It has been a lil’ while, hasn’t it? AND. This is the first of its kind! This is a sustainable *homeware* brand highlight. How cool is that?! Well, to be fair, Darzah makes beautiful shoes and accessories as well as a few homeware items, and I’m so excited to share them with you today. They have an incredible mission that I think is especially unique and thoughtful in ways that I haven’t seen very often. I’m so excited to share their story with you! Let’s roll. 

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Fashion / Sustainable Fashion

Organic Basics Underwear // Sustainable Brand Highlight

14th August 2019

Organic Basics | Jade of Trades

Another day, another sustainable brand highlight. These, by far, are my favorite posts to create and publish to you guys. I LOVE to show you guys the infinite amount of sustainable, eco-conscious alternatives there are to us. When it comes to underwear, I don’t know about you but I’m not super into the idea of shopping secondhand and choosing used. I definitely want something new to me and me only! That’s why I was so excited when Organic Basics reached out to me for a collaboration. They offer such a beautifully built, eco-conscious brand for high quality and sleek underwear that you can feel GOOD about purchasing. 

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Nisolo Shoes // Sustainable Brand Highlight

11th August 2019

I’m so super excited for today’s post! While I have reviewed a ton of sustainable fashion companies in the past, I have never had the opportunity to try out some slow fashion shoes. That’s why I was so happy when Nisolo reached out to me to try out their incredibly elegant, smart shoe collection. I am all about trying clothing brands that support fashion industries that are better for the people and the planet. 

Nisolo’s vision is a fashion industry in which success is based on more than just offering the cheapest price. “An industry that not only values exceptional design, but the producer and the planet as much as the end consumer,” (Nisolo). I LOVE when brands and corporations include what’s called an Impact Report. Nisolo’s impact report is linked right on the front page of their website, detailing their sustainability initiatives and giving tangible results from their industry. For example, some of their Impact Highlights include 157 full time, sustainable jobs created; 761 livelihoods supported across their supply chain; 100% of Nisolo producers are 18 years of age or older, etc. 

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Homecoming 2019 Dress Styles to Look Out For

30th July 2019

The year 2019 is the year to go extra, and that includes choosing your homecoming dress. Don’t stick to the traditional one-piece ensembles. Choose to go extra glamorous! Be inspired by your favorite celebrities and their fashion choices for 2019. With a stand-out dress choice, who knows, you might even be crowned Homecoming royalty, right?

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Unique Wooden Watches: A Gorgeous Conversational Piece by Jord

3rd July 2019

Jord Watches

Jord designs incredibly timeless, classic and elegant watches — just my style. I love pieces that can be sustainable for seasons to come, transitioning seamlessly throughout time. I’m not a huge fan of purchasing things that are on trend and I can’t see myself wearing for more than a season at a time. Not only is that method unsustainable for our environment, but it’s a waste of money, too! This is why I was so excited when Jord watches reached out for a collaboration. Also, stay tuned till the end of this post… I’ve got a sneaky surprise for you! 

This post contains a gifted piece from Jord watches, and this is a collaboration post. However, I do not make any commission off of the affiliate code, should you choose to use it. Please visit my Disclosures + Codes page for more information on my transparency practices. 

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A Dress Made of Flour Sacks // Liz Alig

20th June 2019

Liz Alig Dress | Jade of Trades

Where and how something was made tells a story of that brand. I no longer can justify spending my money where I know that the people who have made my clothing have suffered. How you choose to spend your money determines what kind of world you want to live in; with every dollar, you vote for fair living wages or not. You vote for cruel animal practices… or not. And you vote for the right of others to suffer for fashion… or not. Liz Alig is a brand that you can contribute to that makes their items with meaning — slowly and ethically. read more