• Product Photography Tips

    Jade 9th October 2019

    Hello, hello friends! Today, we’re going to be talking all about product photography. This can sometimes be in the form of what are called “flat lay” photos. Usually, when you work with a brand, they’ll probably want you in the photo; however, there are some…

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  • How to Write a Pitch Email

    Jade 27th September 2019

    Hello, friends! I hope you all are having a wonderful week. I have a serious question for y’all — WHERE did September go?! It feels like this month has just FLOWN by and I have no idea how it’s already almost October. *sweats nervously thinking…

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  • Brand Collaborations: The Basics

    Jade 16th September 2019

    Alright, alright, ladies and gents, let’s talk about collaborations! I’m here to spill all the tea on collabs and how to score ’em. This is one of my most requested topics from new or aspiring blogger gals. And ah, there’s so much to say, that…

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  • What You Need to Know Before Joining an MLM Company

    Jade 25th July 2019

    Alright, I know this post is something a bit different and a teensy tiny bit controversial. I actually sat and pondered writing this post for some time, debating if it were worth the ensuing arguments I’m sure will follow. I know that, with posting this,…

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  • The Truth About My Law School Applications

    Jade 11th July 2019

    If you’ve been a part of my life in the last two years, you would know how the law school applications process weighed heavily on my soul. My days consisted of constant LSAT (Law School Applications Test) studying, my weekends were consumed with full-length practice…

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  • Meet Paisley Raine

    Jade 10th July 2019

    Oh. My. GOODNESS, you guys. I am so excited for y’all to meet Paisley Raine, the newest addition to our family! Paisley is a four and a half month old Golden Retriever, and she’s so, so, so beautiful. We adopted her on Sunday in Tampa,…

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