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Hello, friends! I hope you are all having such a wonderful week. HOW is it already the end of June?! I can’t believe it. Honestly, I can’t. In just a week, I’m heading down to St. Petersburg, Florida to look at apartments that I’ll be moving into in August! During this time, I have been collecting small things here and there to amp up my interior design game once we move into our new apartment. That’s why I was so important when Mapiful reached out to me for a lil’ partnership!

This post contains gifted products from Mapiful. However, I am not an affiliate. I do not make a commission from these links or the promotional code I have been given. For more information about my transparency practices, please visit my disclosures page here. 

My Mapiful Map: Phoenix, Arizona

I am just absolutely in love with these maps. I think they add so much sentiment and meaningful decor into your space. It’s such a lovely way to have a piece of Phoenix, Arizona in my home. Phoenix was the place where I truly felt like I grew up; I was 17 when I moved out West. I went to college thousands of miles away from my hometown, spent so many nights missing my mama, grew up and became someone I am incredibly, incredibly proud of. My best of friends came from Phoenix, the love of my life came from Phoenix, and I really feel like I found myself in Phoenix.

If you have a place that you hold near and dear to your heart, this is such a beautiful way to play tribute to that location in your home. Mapiful has so many different maps for you to choose from, including different styles and colors that would best fit your space. I chose the black and white just because I love the contrast, and I’ve actually seen these maps around the ‘gram and have always just been drawn to this particular one. However, I think I would love to add one of Suwanee in my home as well in Florida. Suwanee is my hometown in Georgia.

You can use my code ‘SPRING10’ for money off at checkout on Mapiful‘s website. Get your map today because the sale ends June 30th! I would love to see which places you’ve chosen to spice up your home. Where will your Mapiful represent, and what story does it have in your life?


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