The Science Behind Your Beauty Sleep

13th July 2019

Beauty Sleep

Anyone that pulls the occasional all-nighter has probably heard the dreaded “you look tired” comment. Even if you fuel yourself with opulent amounts of caffeine to stay awake, you still give off physical signals to those around you that you missed out on some sleep. The idea of beauty sleep isn’t just an urban legend, there is now actual research to back up the benefits of sleep and how it can change the way you look. Below we will discuss the science behind how a lack of sleep could be affecting your appearance today.

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The Truth About My Law School Applications

11th July 2019

If you’ve been a part of my life in the last two years, you would know how the law school applications process weighed heavily on my soul. My days consisted of constant LSAT (Law School Applications Test) studying, my weekends were consumed with full-length practice tests. I was consistently working on my application, writing and re-writing, proofreading and starting my personal statement from scratch over and over and over again. I was reaching out to law school students that I knew from my sorority, asking every single one their advice. On my 2-hour bus commute to and from the Governor’s Office, where I interned, I listened to podcasts on the law school applications process and LSAT strategies because I would get carsick if I tried to read. I was ALL in. 

And… even with all of that… I have to admit. The enrollment decision process was met with disappointment and sadness as I received several denials from schools across the nation. I was waitlisted from a school I had deemed as my “back up” option. My LSAT score was no where near where I had been testing during practice tests. This is all very hard for me to admit; I am someone who is tenacious and persistent, doing everything I thought I could to make it. And that’s just it… I did everything I could. I tried my absolute best, and at the end of the day, that’s all I can do. It was difficult at the time, but now I look back with pride and think: I did that. 

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Meet Paisley Raine

10th July 2019

Oh. My. GOODNESS, you guys. I am so excited for y’all to meet Paisley Raine, the newest addition to our family! Paisley is a four and a half month old Golden Retriever, and she’s so, so, so beautiful. We adopted her on Sunday in Tampa, Florida while we were touring apartments and the school that I’ll be attending in three weeks! 

Paisley has such a sweet, calm nature and she’s extremely low-key and observant. Nothing like her cousin, Gunner! Lol. Everyone remarks on how dainty and elegant she is, and let me tell ‘ya. She definitely has that elegant gal vibe going on. 

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Unique Wooden Watches: A Gorgeous Conversational Piece by Jord

3rd July 2019

Jord Watches

Jord designs incredibly timeless, classic and elegant watches — just my style. I love pieces that can be sustainable for seasons to come, transitioning seamlessly throughout time. I’m not a huge fan of purchasing things that are on trend and I can’t see myself wearing for more than a season at a time. Not only is that method unsustainable for our environment, but it’s a waste of money, too! This is why I was so excited when Jord watches reached out for a collaboration. Also, stay tuned till the end of this post… I’ve got a sneaky surprise for you! 

This post contains a gifted piece from Jord watches, and this is a collaboration post. However, I do not make any commission off of the affiliate code, should you choose to use it. Please visit my Disclosures + Codes page for more information on my transparency practices. 

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First HelloFresh Order

2nd July 2019

Ever since I’ve seen the first advertisements for HelloFresh, I’ve wanted to try it. While I wouldn’t call myself a bad cook, I definitely would say I only know how to make about five solid meals really well. I love finding new recipes on Pinterest. However, I can sometimes be intimidated by trying “fancier” recipes since buying different ingredients can get pricey. Plus, I don’t really know how I’d use those ingredients just yet, so I stick to what I know! However, I’d really love to branch out and try new things, and HelloFresh is literally the perfect way to do that. 

HelloFresh is a subscription service that basically sends you all of the ingredients you need with instructions on how to make the food. It’s an entire meal packaged up and ready to go — while, besides washing produce, of course. There’s really no measuring involved, which is really nice. It doesn’t take a ton of time to go to the store, find everything, portion it out, etc. etc. It’s sent right to your doorstep ready to rock and roll. 

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A Piece of Phoenix: Mapiful Maps

28th June 2019

Mapiful Map | Jade of Trades

Hello, friends! I hope you are all having such a wonderful week. HOW is it already the end of June?! I can’t believe it. Honestly, I can’t. In just a week, I’m heading down to St. Petersburg, Florida to look at apartments that I’ll be moving into in August! During this time, I have been collecting small things here and there to amp up my interior design game once we move into our new apartment. That’s why I was so important when Mapiful reached out to me for a lil’ partnership!

This post contains gifted products from Mapiful. However, I am not an affiliate. I do not make a commission from these links or the promotional code I have been given. For more information about my transparency practices, please visit my disclosures page here. 

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