Turning Back Time With Olay Retinol 24

6th November 2019

Olay Retinol24 Night Serum, Night Cream and Eye Cream

Hello, hello friends! I feel like I’m in desperate need of a great skincare regime lately; with the stress of school and the sleepless nights I have endured in the wake of studying civil procedure (yikes), I have everything working against the integrity of my skin lately. And so, I’ve turned to Olay’s Retinol24 products for help. This collection is designed to help me achieve silky smooth skin during those few hours of sleep I do get.

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Love, Jade

02. Thoughts On The Run // Love, Jade

4th November 2019

This morning, Paisley and I went for a run. And I should preface this by disclaiming… I am not a runner. I’ve wanted to be a runner all my life, but I’d be lying if I said athleticism was ever a strength of mine. In fact, I think just the opposite is true — it seems as if I’ve always been a two left feet, tripping up the stairs, clumsy and uncoordinated type of gal. However, that doesn’t discourage me from day dreaming about one day being able to run half marathons (I’m not so ambitious to wish for a full); meanwhile, I can barely run a mile and a half without truly fearing I am dancing in the wake of death. And I’m being dramatic, I know, but there’s something about having heavy anxiety and running; I feel my chest get heavy, I focus so much on breathing that it almost feels impossible to do so, and my mind repeats “I can’t do this” over and over and over again. It always somewhat confuses me when others say running clears their minds, because if anything, my mind feels loudest during those times. 

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5 Mistakes Creators Make on Their Blog

3rd November 2019

Mistakes Creators Make on their Blog

Hello, hello, friends! This is a blog post I’ve teetered on creating many times, but I always opted to wait until I had more “experience” here in the realms of the blogging world. This is all a learning process, and sharing what I’ve learned, I think, can help new bloggers navigate the somewhat tricky landscape of blogging as well. I never want to come off as dictating what is “right” and “wrong” in terms of blogging — the beauty of this is that you have complete control over your content, your imagery, your story. Whether you use your blog as a personal journal or a resource for others, I think there are some things I’ve learned along the way that may be of value to you, no matter how long you’ve been blogging. 

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Honest Review of Honest Beauty

1st November 2019

Honest Beauty

In full disclosure, this post is sponsored. Please visit my Disclosures + Codes page for information about my transparency practices.

Hello, hello friends! If y’all have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE trying out new clean beauty products. Honest Beauty was kind enough to work with me and allow me to try their Extreme Length Mascara + Primer and their Vitamin C Serum! And… I’m HOOKED. I’m so in love. Their products are not only made with clean ingredients, but they actually work. That’s something in particular I’m always concerned about when testing out these types of products, and I’m happy to report that they are the bomb dot com. read more

Love, Jade

01. Vulnerability & Art // Love, Jade

30th October 2019

Hello, hello, friends! Today, I’m starting something new. And I’m breaking the rules. And I’m just going to write… whatever I want. Ever since I began blogging, I never intended for it to be a journal or diary of any sort. However, as this blog has evolved, I’ve realized that I’ve left out large pieces of my day-to-day life, as those aspects have faded behind reviews and advice absent of my own voice about my own life. I comply to the weighty restrictions of SEO regulations, and even now, I cringe when I think of my copy rendering “unreadable” by the Yoast plugin, but I digress. I’ve written so mechanically to abide by the algorithmic formula of blogging optimization, and in the meantime, I feel like I’ve lost the elements of my writing that makes this my writing; long, wordy, flowery sentences, hastily placed semicolons, unnecessary big words are all elements of my real, free-handed writing. And so, I bring to you this series. A series of the real, the raw, the unedited, the unoptimized free-handed writing that has escaped this blog. My writing. I hope you enjoy.

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Study Tips from a First Year Law Student

27th October 2019

Study Tips | Jade of TradesHello, hello, friends. It’s been a while since I’ve talked about school and how that’s all going — it’s… going. Law school is difficult but I do feel like I’ve finally nailed down how to effectively study and I’m stoked about it. It only took me… three months (lol). I want to share how I do this with you guys because, surprisingly, this was something that was requested quite a bit over on my Instagram. Everyone, however, is very different when it comes down to what works for them. For me, I’m a visual learner. I love utilizing color and graphics (charts/tables) into my outlines because it helps me recall the information better. Also, I am a bit kinesthetic, too. I tend to retain information a bit better when it comes down to rewriting the information. So, a combination of the two are what works best for me! 

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