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I’m Jade and I’m so happy that you’re here. Desert dwelling in the dry heat of Phoenix, Arizona, I am a 22-year old graduate student. I grew up in the North Georgia mountains, and the south forever holds a special place in my heart. At 17, I moved to Arizona to get my bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU (go devils!). I graduated last year, in 2018, and right now, I’m an MMC grad student (class of ’19). And… I’m currently amidst the hefty, tedious law school applications process (can you hear me groaning from wherever you are?). I’m an avid writer, a tenacious creator and an oxford comma’s biggest enemy (blame AP style for that one).

I love all things fashion, beauty, interior design, lifestyle and photography. I hope to bring you content that uplifts your day, whether you’re a law school applicant like me, a college student with a desire to design on a budget or a mom who wants tips on easy skincare that won’t break the bank. All things I create are created with love and respect for myself and for you. This blog was brought to life to reflect my own, and that act in and of itself is a mark of vulnerability. To display our art and express our creativity requires being open, though, doesn’t it? Hopefully, this blog will serve as a place for solace and peace for both of us.

Beginning Again

This site was a brain-child of mine for a long time before actually coming to fruition (more accurately, permanent fruition). I fell victim to that cycle that encapsulates so many first-time bloggers. You know the one, where they get discouraged and promptly delete their sites after a few failed analytic reports. Quite honestly, I lost my “why” (any Simon Sinek stans out there?). I was frustrated when my site didn’t look and perform perfectly. Admittedly, I disregarded the fact that everything we create that’s worth having takes time, effort, energy and love. Rather than beginning with an end goal in mind, I now begin with an expectation that this is all a journey.

It’s a learning process. In full disclosure, I may have dysfunctional widgets and sloppy HTML coding here and there, and my photography could definitely use some work. I’m by no means a Creative Cloud wiz (even with the countless Cronkite classes I’ve taken on the apps). Throughout this journey, though, I have to remind myself with this blog and with everything else in my life that failure and imperfection are integral to growth.

These hiccups make us who we are and allow us to evolve in time (I swear I’m not just saying this to get away with subpar CSS). It’s easy to compare ourselves and the things we create to others and their own brain-children. However, rather than letting them discourage us, we should let them inspire our artistic growth. There is no capacity to success; there is room for all of us to win. In a society that was institutionally built for us to compare and compete, this is something we (especially women) have to remember. There is so much beautiful, resilient and unwavering strength in sisterhood (*steps down from soapbox*).

My Why + Values

I hope to create a space where you feel solace and peace, or where you can be inspired by my content and creative expression. 

I’ve been a consistent consumer of blogging and vlogging content for a long time now (my favorites being Lydia Elise Millen-Gordon and MissLizHeart — if you haven’t checked them out, you should right…. now!). Unfortunately, I have watched first-hand as sponsored content and paid media evolved into the native, sneaky mess it is now. As a content creator, I am committed to remaining fully transparent on every social media platform when it comes to sponsored media and paid content. This is something that I myself have particularly valued in bloggers and other creators, which is why it is natural for me to prioritize it as well. Trust and integrity should always remain at the forefront of who we are, in business or not. 

Jade Nicole | Jade of Trades

Along with my value of honesty, you should also know that I strongly value hard work. I’m a tenacious and resilient person, qualities I am unashamedly proud of, and I hope that different ways in which I tackle time management and organization can help you along your journey of personal development. And finally, perhaps most importantly, I value being kind. Compassion and empathy are what ties us all to one another, and it’s important to me to uphold this value in everything I do (on this blog and beyond, in every aspect of my life). I hope to show you respect as a reader through the work that I create, and I hope you’re able to see and feel that, too.


Jade Nicole

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